New Calf Elephant at Pittsburgh Zoo Update 

New Calf Elephant at Pittsburgh Zoo Update 

More good news for our little calf! Her appetite is coming back and she is eating more through her feeding tube and via her bottle.

New Calf Elephant Pittsburgh Zoo Update

New Calf Elephant at Pittsburgh Zoo 

She even took a short walk this morning and we’re beginning to see her feisty personality return.


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Supporters react:

Kathleen Fadeley That is wonderful. She is truly blessed to have such caring people looking after her. God bless.

Michelle Staudt Craver Soooooo happy to see this!! We live in cincinnati and had our Fiona success, was sending her love along with ours your way

Larene Durning Thank you for this wonderful update! Your caretakers are amazing

Dee Heckler That's the best news. Thank you for the update.

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