NBC Reveals What They’ll Do If NFL Players Kneel During Anthem at Super Bowl

The NFL has had a tough year. They’ve had a big drop in ratings over the prior year after a year of kneeling protests. They seemed to go back and forth with how to deal with it and ended up basically doing nothing to stop the players. Indeed, the NFL even decided to reallocate $85 million that had been designated for breast cancer and veterans programs to social justice programs including the protesting players’ own organization. Basically pandering to the protesters rather than stopping them. But now the Super Bowl LII is approaching next month and the question is on the table: what will they do about showing or not showing the protests?

NBC advertisers have told the network to stop showing the protests afraid of their effect on the ratings.

From Business Insider:

Marketers have put NBCUniversal on notice: Stop covering NFL players’ national-anthem protests, or we’ll pull our ads.

That’s according to Linda Yaccarino, the chairman of advertising sales at NBCUniversal, who spoke during a keynote interview at an event held Friday in New York at the ad agency R/GA.

Yaccarino said no advertisers had pulled out of NFL games because of the protests, but that advertisers were telling the network that could change.

“Marketers have said, ‘We will not be part of the NFL if you continue covering it,'” Yaccarino said.

But NBC isn’t listening. If the players protest, they said they intend to cover it live and on the air.

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From Biz Pac Review:

National anthem protests are expected at Super Bowl LII next month, and NBC is committed to airing the activism. According to Hollywood Reporter, the network affirmed it will provide coverage of kneeling players.

“It’s certainly possible,” Super Bowl executive producer Fred Gaudelli said about the likelihood of protests. “It was a pretty big story in our country this fall. We’d show it.”

Gaudelli added, “When you’re covering a live event, you’re covering what’s happening. If there are players who chose to kneel, they will be shown live.”

Gaudelli, who also hosts “Sunday Night Football” and “Thursday Night Football, dismissed the effect of the protests on the dropping ratings.

“New York had a game in week 17 where it was 4 degrees outside,” Gaudelli argued, describing a New Year’s Eve matchup between the New York Giants and the Washington Red Skins. “Why would you go and sit in that when the Giants are 2 and 13?”

So what’s his excuse for all the prior weeks where the attendance dropped off?

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell last week similarly dismissed the concerns of the fans and downplayed the drop in ratings.

NFL ratings plummeted by 9.7 percent during the 2017 regular season, ESPN reports. The average game was viewed by 1.6 million fewer people than tuned in last year.

The wild card games over the weekend saw even worse ratings–an 11.5 percent decline from the same period last year.

They can keep ignoring the fans.

It will not end well.

Viewers reacted:

Joyce Sorensen I still will not support the NFL this year either, a bunch of rich spoiled brats who don't deserve a dime or my time.

Sheila Magnus Since NBC feels that disrespect is newsworthy, then I will also not watch shows on NBC. Time for the network to feel the pain of losing viewers. It just starts with one.

Debbie Martin Who cares anymore? They can kneel for their garbage and I will never watch NFL again. They can protest and guess what I can protest too. But it will hurt them more than me.

Laura Presley Ridley I will not be watching the Super Bowl. I only used to watch it for the commercials anyway, but unless I know that all the players will be standing respectfully for the National Anthem, then no one in my household will be watching.

Susan Rodriguez I don’t think so .. I heard at the Super Bowl they will show the ones that are kneeling just because it’s live tv. That’s B.S. I wouldn’t show them at all ‘

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