Moring Update on Alf the Giraffe at Brights Zoo

Morning Update on Baby Alf the Giraffe 

PETA said in a letter sent out to the media that their concern for Alf is that the facility set to purchase Alf “has ties to exotic animal-hunting ranches” otherwise known as “canned hunts.” In a letter addressed to Brights Zoo, the organization urged officials of the zoo to halt moving Alf, citing that big moves are stressful for giraffes.

There has been such an uproar from the area that PETA has even gotten involved. Bright's zoo has agreed to build Alf his own barn and in a couple of years, purchase him a wife. This will cost them $150,000. The owners have NO funding, other than people who visit and purchase gifts. They run at a loss, since closed several months in the winter.

They are GOOD people and need help. PLEASE donate anything you can. Every dollar will help! Pass up a lunch….that latte…. count your change in the jar. I did, and you ALL know how frugal I am (!). I will continue to give

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Today phots of Baby ALF:

alf the giraffeAlf the Giraffe


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Jeffrey Gordon I am sorry it has come to this. If you are building it ( in-house) and not using a contractor . I would like to volunteer to help. I am an old carpenter and I have tools. You guys and Maggie bring my wife joy with your Alf updates. Its the least I could do.

Brights Zoo Thank you Jeffrey. This is something we will keep in mind.

Kristie Surato-Buehler Donated. Sent my love and prayers. And keeping my fingers crossed that I will get a chance to see Alf, Maggie and the rest of the staff again in my feed. Please heal and forgive the "haters" – they have such small, little lives. There is much love and support from so many people – we think you are amazing and wonderful people. I wish you only good things.

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Dally Fontaine You can count on me! Alf needs to stay where he was born near his mamma Maggie. I'm excited about the good news! How about Zuri from Lion Country here in Wellington, Florida? A Florida girl for Alf. She's sweet and gentle, and a real beauty. They'll mate and have a unicorn. Lol

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