Morning Update on Ava Patch – Animal Adventure Park Owners Daughter

Morning update on Ava Patch 

Up, up, and Away!

Update from Jordan & Colleen:
Avas progress and healing continues to Go beyond expectation. 
Yesterday was a struggle to steady sugar levels and deliver fluids, but with some help and convincing she is back on track. 
Ava felt good enough to get "back to work" and was handling Animal Adventure emails as she does each day at home with dad on the keyboard in his office. 
We remain seizure free. 
Word is – we are coming home today! 

New Outlook, New Chapter

We are on our way home! 
We leave CHOP today with a bright outlook For Ava's future.  We continue to pray for a continued seizure free life and further mental and physical development. 
We now start our newest chapter as a family. 
Thank you all for your prayers and support form around the world; miracles can and do happen. 
Thank you,
The Patch Family 

morning update on ava patchAva Patch and Collen 


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# Ava Strong

# Ava Strong

# Ava Strong

We are on our way home – noon update on Ava Patch

Supporters reacted to morning update on Ava Patch:

By Pat Collins This is what she wanted…comfort and healing in momma's arms snuggled up against her baby sister. Is there a better place to be? So glad each day is getting better. Love you all of you, prayers continuing as long as needed.
By Norma Natoli  Ava looks very sweet and content in moms arms. Sleep peaceful angel and so happy you are doing so well.Tell mom and dad to rest too. Such a beautiful family. Love and blessings to the patch family. #AvaStrong


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Linda P 
Dear Jordan & Colleen… very happy Ava's surgery & recovery is going so well….. It truly is a miracle. Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers as Ava continues to recover…..praying she continues to remain seizure free and grows stronger and feels better each and every day and that you will soon be able to return home with your sweet Ava…..praying for you as well Jordan & Colleen that you will be blessed with the strength you need to make it through all this …..

Jordan, you have touched the lives and brought so much joy to so many people with your/our beloved giraffe family April, Oliver, Tajiri and your wonderful Animal Adventure Park….thank you for allowing us to be part of the adventure. ( I was blessed to visit Animal Adventure twice this year & meet you) we feel like you are family and we are all praying for continued blessings for your sweet Ava , you & Colleen as well…..

Martha Lapha So happy to hear this. What a beautiful picture of Colleen and Ava. God be with you as you start a wonderful new chapter.
So glad my husband and I have gotten to know you and your family and of course AAP. Look forward to hearing more and seeing you all next spring.
 Darlene Quinn Wonderful news! I will keep praying for Ava to continue to progress. So glad you are going home where everyone will be more comfortable. She must have a wonderful doctor, as well as being a strong little girl

Nancy  Such awesome news! There is no place like home! From ICU to HOME is wonderful! All of you will be so happy to be home and in your own beds! Now we continue prayers for great strides in physical and mental development for Ava. Get some well deserved rest tonight. Catch your breaths, and take care of your selves. Colleen, remember that you have a little one on the way and get some extra rest. Such exciting news. It appears the surgery was an outstanding success and I am so happy that we have the results hoped for!

Julie Welch There is no place like home , praying for your family will continue , the power of prayer is a good thing , it is a God thing and when you put everything in the lords hands all things are possible , hold your loved ones close because you don't know when it can be taken away , God Bless

Lori Shollenberger How wonderful for sweet little Ava!! And her mommy and daddy. Will continue prayers

SHERRY ALLEN Praise the Lord he is good, Thank you Jesus for watching over baby Ava and helping her to heal and be free of the seizures , we thank you Jesus for being with the family and Ava Lord Jesus we look for a speedy recovery in Jesus mighty name we ask and pray amen 🙂 Prayers going up daily from all over the world God Bless

Kathy Schoonveld This is wonderful news!!! You go girl (Ava) Ava strong!!! Continued prayers for Ava!!! Praying for a full and speedy recovery!!! Thank you Colleen & Jordan for keeping us all posted on precious little Ava's update!!! Give sweet Ava a hug and kiss from me

Karen Bellow What a blessing to hear Ava is doing great!! My prayers are with Ava, Jordan and Colleen for continued strength .

Julie Townsend, Fitchburg, MA God is so good! Praising him for the protection thus far and trusting him to hold her as ypu face her days of healing ahead. God bless you all

JoAnne Jagielski Great news of Ava going home. Recovery is alway better in a familiar & comfortable atmosphere, especially with little ones. Continued prayers for Ava # AvaStrong.

Jill Mitchell What wonderful news that Ava can go home and her progress continues to be going so well.
I know all of you are exhausted and ready to be home.
Prayers continue for Ava's healing.


jordan patch familyA happy family 

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Nancy  Oh my I here some big positive things! Drain free, toys. talks of going home and the biggest thing — 5 days of being seizure free! Sho would have ever thought that this last thing would have been possible! What great news! I think I would take a little bit of crankiness to be seizure free! What great blessings for Ava! So glad that she wants to play with her toys, needs mom hugs and I am sure daddy hugs are in there as well and of course grandparent hugs! What a little trooper Miss Ava is being! I am sure you are looking forward to getting out of intensive care which is a big step toward gong home!

Ann Torres Such great news!!!Our Prayers are being answered!! Hope all of you get to go home soon.Seeing the animals back home,I'm sure, will do wonders for her overall recovery.As they say…There's no place like home. Continued thoughts & Prayers going to all of you.Have a wonderful night.And get some rest

Lori Gehringer-Fox Praise the Lord. We are continuing our prayers for Ava, Mommy, Daddy and the rest of the Patch families!!! We are all Ava Strong! She’s our Hero

Melissa Petty This is the best news. Continued prayers and blessings for Ava and her healing and for her wonderful and loving parents. Miracles do happen!! Much love to you all 

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Julie Woodhouse So very Happy for you all with this wonderful news..Praying for Ava's Continuing progress..Now home is only around the corner you must all be doing a Happy Dance..I am dancing here in At this news update…Sending Love,Hugs, and Prayers your way…Julie W…xxx

Marcy schneidewind Thank you so much for allowing us to take a small portion of this journey with you. We, of course, will continue to lift you all in prayer. We're excited to see what the future will hold for little Ava! God is good!

Louise Anne Wonderful news of Dear Ava's continued progress! So very, very happy for all of you  Busy toys and going home sounds like Heaven to be sure! With Prayers, Faith and Love…(from Roseville, Michigan)

Terry Zimmerman That news is so great to hear. There is nothing like home to make the patient feel much better and mom and dad can get some much needed rest.. Thanks you Jordan for allowing us to share this journey with you. continued prayers for the family.

Janet Nay I have been praying for Ava daily. She has been in my thoughts and prayers throughout the day. God has blessed you with many, many prayer warriors through AAP and the web cam. Know we are all lifting you and your family to God in prayer. Love always.

JoAnne Jagielski Great news of Ava going home. Recovery is alway better in a familiar & comfortable atmosphere, especially with little ones. Continued prayers for Ava # AvaStrong.

Carolyn Bickel Such excellent news!!! Prayer is powerful. I added Ava into our prayer request book at church. Many people will be praying for her to continue her amazing recovery. Thank you for sharing this journey of Ava's with all of us. Your family has become very special to so many. I will continue to pray for Ava and her successful recovery. Hugs to all of you.

Sue Goulding This has been a journey for you you have an amazingly strong little girl and I'm so so happy you are able to go home so soon much love to you all onwards and upwards xxx

Christine Atherton| Such an amazing recovery.I am so happy she is going home to familiar surroundings which i am so sure help the patient recover better and especially important for kids.I wish you all the best I am so happy for you allThank's for sharing such an emotional part of your life.It isnt easy being in the spotlight.Ava get better honey and you can continue on doing all kinds of wonderful things.HUGS!

Bonnie Parsons God be with you as you travel through your new journey. It is amazing how strong your little girl is. She truly is Ava Strong. We love all of you as if you were our family. Travel home safely and get some sleep. God Speed

Pat Blackwell I have been following AAP since around March 2017. Of course it started because of April and her baby. I still enjoy looking at the giraffes daily. I know I will never make it to your park but I can tell you it looks wonderful. Your family and staff are very caring people. I hope all goes well for Ava. It is great news she is recovering. Prayers to you and your family. Get well soon Ava. God Bless

Josie Wright| Such wonderful news she is sooo happy being held by moma I know the excitement of her being seizure free my grandson use to have granmall seisures an he has been seizure free for 5 yrs now Prayers still being sent your way Im sure you all are ready to be in your own beds at home .. Love to you all great work Ava

ava patch and dadDad is awesome


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Vivian bemowski Wonderful and exciting news! Continued prayers for continued recovery. God continue to bless the Patch family and most of all little Ava. Beautiful little girl growing into a beautiful young lady. Good Luck in all that you do. love and hugs. God bless.

CindyCagle I’m so very thankful that Ava is doing well. I will pray with y’all, for no more seizures and a beautiful life for your sweet girl. May your family thrive in all good ways! You certainly are a blessing to me.

Jeannette Balthaser We have grown to love you and your precious family. We will continue to pray as you start this new adventure with God at your side!!! He is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above ALL we can ask or think! Praying for continued great healing and peace for each one of you!!

Belinda Goins Im so glad ava doing better hope all is ok with you jordan and colleen and baby hope your doing ok love you all and all the animals at the park

Irene P We are so happy Ava is healing extremely well! All those Prayers have moved a big mountain! Continued prayers for her future! Colleen and Jordan you have been on this journey since before Ava was born! Ava and you now have a New Life

Jordan and Little Ava

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Pam Simpson
Ava keep up the good work baby girl…. #AvaStrong
Prayers continue for the Patch Family…….

Carol Lusher So glad to hear that Ava is doing so well, and so far seizure free!! We are all continuing our prayers for Jordan, Colleen and Ava and pray that each day is a better one for their blessed beautiful girl!

Jan Herrington God answers prayers, I pray that he will continue to watch over precious little Ava and her family!

Barbara Campbell| So happy to hear she is progressing so quickly. Bless her heart. You go baby girl!! Good thoughts are always with you from here

Maggie Bennati| How amazing are doctors and staff , people don’t understand much about epilepsy and what children go through on a daily basis, 5 days without seizures is a fantastic this will help ava learn new things and play catch up as every seizure would make her forget things 
Your little girl has a chance now to have a much better quality of life 
Ava just might be the child that teaches the world about epilepsy and what it’s like for thousand of kids and adults , 
Keep up that great work ava your my hero

Karen Cunningham Such great news. Lots of work at home when she gets released, but she will be in familiar surroundings and will be able to get into a routine. Sunny days ahead. Continued prayers of support from the virtual Canadian.

Cindy Dalola Awesome news 5 days and counting. She is such a strong little girl with very strong and loving parents. And prayers from around the to all of you. Will continue Ava and you in my prayers.

Geralyn Valdora This is awesome. I’m so glad she is doing better than they thought at this stage. Hopefully you will be home soon

Ann Kent Every post I read I am filled with so much joy and happiness for you all. 5 days seizure free – wonderful and HOME must sound like such an incredible word right now. Prayers are still coming

Renee Thompson What wonderful news. So many prayers answered. With each passing day, it’s a day closer to home.🏡 Best wishes and more prayers that Ava is released soon

Elaine Peck I am so happy to hear such wonderful news. I pray for her each and every day. She is a beautiful little girl and I hate she has to go through all of this. Prayers for Jordan and Colleen too. I know Ms Colleen is worn out and she needs to rest and take good care of herself. Hopefully "home" will be soon. 

KJ Jacobsen Praise God! She is a fighter & that always helps! Mommy & daddy many prayers for you everyday as well! As well as the grandparents! I realize a long journe yet but as you said at least she will be at home! Always better at home if it’s possible! 
With many many faithful earnest prayers for Ava!

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Debbie Keller My heart is with you! Great news today. You , your family, and adventure park has changed my life .

Barbara Miller That is great news. So happy to hear she is on her 5th day with no seizure FREE. The Lord is taking her in his hands and healing your special beautiful angel. Sounds like not to long and she will be back to that special angel of Jordan & Colleen's. Thank you Lord for watching over their angel.

Laeko House My Heart , thoughts and prayers are with little Miss Ava as she heals and gets stronger everyday..For God is the Greatest Healer of all..Sending Prayers of Strength and Healing to Little Miss Ava , Jordan and Colleen..Love to my extended Family..

Melissa Petty This is the best news. Continued prayers and blessings for Ava and her healing and for her wonderful and loving parents. Miracles do happen!! Much love to you all 

Frances Metallo Jordan and Colleen I can't put into words how happy I am for both of you and that God is answering prayers for your beautiful Ava…wow 5 days seizures free..bless the surgeon(s) and medical….
and her toys…going slowly to her crib..while my physical situation is made me smile as slowly my yarn has been coming closer to my bed to crochet….and her little music…bless her..
My continued prayers and hugs for Ava and that God gives you both the strength you need..God bless all of, Fran of NJ.

Linda P (faithful AAP follower)| Such a wonderful email to recieve!! I am so very happy for your family…..truly a miracle that you are able to take your sweet Ava home today…..the prayers of so many have been answered!! Continued prayers for Ava's recovery and a wonderful, seizure free life….Praying that blessings will continue for The Patch family….you are so deserving. Safe travels home…. #AvaStrong

Donna Szewczyk Ava's progress is amazing These daily updates mean so much to all. Hope the emotional strain is draining for Colleen & Jordan. God bless the entire Patch family. Prayers daily.

Patricia Murphy May God continue to Bless Ava and watch over her always. Will continue to pray for your family and a speedy recovery for your little angel.
# Ava Strong.

Judy Harmon Glory bumps as I read this update. How awesome is our loving God. Prayers for a good nights rest and then continued prayers for all of you as you start this new chapter. Hugs to all of you.

Dena Lucreziano So happy to hear Ava is going home. My thoughts and prayers will always be with Ava
Coleen, Jordan. A positive outlook to Ava future. God bless you all. Hugs, kisses from Boston. 

baby ava patch update 

We are on our way home – noon update on Ava Patch

Read noon update on Ava Patch : Baby Ava Patch Latest Update : We Are on Our Way Home

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