Offical Animal Adventure Park Arty Day 9

Morning Update on Animal Adventure Park Arty

Day 9, a drastic change in pace,
Sloth and elf, come face to face!

High above, hanging around,
Most of their lives, spent off the ground.

From limb to limb, munching on leaves,
Slow moving sloth life, for elves, a breeze!

Designed by nature, body functions quite slow,
Going through the motions, following the flow!

Rest up Arty, in your tree top retreat,
Perhaps, tomorrow, a new baby to greet!

morning update on animal adventure park arty  Animal Adventure Park Arty

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Viewers reacted to Morning Update on Animal Adventure Park Arty

Billie West After all of your previous animal adventures Arty, today you can take it slow and easy. Love the picture!

Bobbi Davis Yeah! Another great start to the morning here in Cold Central Florida. Love the Arty Adventures! Thanks Jordan. How's Ava doing?

Kerry Motell So sad we never got a chance to come and see Arty before it got too cold😥\ Happy to see he is doing well and loves his home with you!

Suzi Virgilio What's interesting about these poems is they have some educational value in there, too. Thank you Jordan! You never miss a beat.

Anita Hegarty Artys up in the rafters trying to hide,these Joey's are fast no chance of a ride , escape will be tricky I hope I can manage, If not I'm sure they'll be all kinds of carnage

Lori Coker Jordan, you really should have a book made of Arty's adventures. Your daughter will love them & I know you will sell many. We all love them too! Thank you so much

Pat Brown I don't know who is writing these poems but they are terrific! I love this site. Have been here since 2/22/17 and have enjoyed every minute of it! Watching April and her baby Taj kept me goin g when I lost my furbaby Deedee on 4/18/17 and when we lost our other burbaby Darby on 6/27/17. Thank you for helping me though two of the most heartbreaking times I've had! We will see you all in late June! So excited to be able to come and see all of the staff and all your wonderful furry and hairy 'kids'!! Just hope Taj is still there!

Connie Webber Chuisano Did ya'll see the Elf on a Shelf who was rushed to a local hospital for surgery last night? Seems she met someone dog and it ripped off her left arm, but the newscaster showed us the surgery and all is now well. The Elf is resting comfortably! It's snowing in Houston, Texas!

Patti Doughten I’m jealous of Jordan’s poem writing skills!!! He’s awesome!!! He should put a book together at the end of Arty’s adventures meeting all the animals as a fund raiser!!

Terri Fisher Thank you Jordan for all of the sites with Arty look forward to them every day and the poems are amazing should be making a book for your daughter to have and everyone else too thanks again

Brenda Cable Like everyone says Arty's adventures are the first thing I look for each morning. Would so love to be able to visit AAP but I'm to far away Maybe someday I will be able to one never knows. Keep on doing what you do best Jordan. Love to you and your wonderful staff

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