Morning Update on Alf The Giraffe: Alf outside for First Times

Morning Update on Alf The Giraffe

Good Morning! Many of you asked about seeing a picture of Alf outside, so while the zoo was closed we let him out to stretch his legs and enjoy the early morning sounds.

Alf the Giraffe outside

He is still adjusting to the area, so he will NOT be visible when the zoo opens for a little while. Again when that decision is made a post will be made. Hope everyone enjoys their day, Alf sends his love 

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Supporters react:

Kris Bush I bet he likes it outside. Would love to see a video of him romping around, when he feels comfortable enough to do that

Brights Zoo So far he's only run once or twice because he so much more curious about the smells and investigating. When he settles I will post a fun video. – Maggie

Nancy Demay He is so cute…will he be bottle fed for a year? Or milk in a bowl down the road?

Brights Zoo We'll introduce hay and browse to him in the next few weeks, then grain after that, all while still getting milk. When he's old enough he'll be weaned off the milk. – Maggie
Debby Henson Rutledge Thank you so much for sharing this. He's such a cutie. Thank you for all you do – the additional care taken to make sure he is safe and healthy. #teamalf is with him all the time and knows what is best for him and his future development 

Lynn Lovell Dear sweet Alf, you look so tall!!! You will love the new home I am sure. You're so loved and very well cared for xx I know you're going to be happy! Thank you Maggie for this beautiful picture. Looking forward to others as and when you can xx

Dena Lucreziano Thank you for taking these pics . It puts a smile on m face everyrime I see Alf . I am so happy he went out today. Stretch those big legs you have Alf. I cant wait to see a video of you running around . Tank you agin team Alf love all of you for what you do for these animals. Have a great day. See you soon Alf kisses, and hugs. oxoxox

Sara Murphy This makes me so happy!!! He looks like he grew a couple of feet overnight!! Thank you Maggie!!! You deserve a vacation for all the extra time and love you have put in

Linda Lorene Look at that beauty!! Alf looks so handsome standing there. Bet he liked the outdoors and am so glad you all are doing all you do for and with Alf so he will be ready when the time comes.

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