Day 16 Animal Adventure Arty with Jordan Patch

Day 16, head over heels,
Not one of the space sharing, agreed upon deals!

Cash, the Bison, never finding it hard,
To "assist" any visitors out of his yard.

Protective he his, and reason to be,
A first time father, a growing family.

June and Cash, our original herd,
The birth of Carter, makes her the third.

Upon recovery, Arty gathering his wit,
Outside of the fence, a more inviting sit.

This encounter, easily won,
North American Bison, weighing up to a ton!

morning animal adventure park arty

Morning Animal Adventure Park Arty

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Fans reacted:

Kasey Gagle I’m loving this!! Kudos to whoever is writing these witty little poems…BEST Christmas countdown ever!!!! Merry Christmas.

Teresa Johnson Oh gosh Arty a spill you must took, the breath from the Bison is off the hook!!! Good luck Arty I hope you make it, many more days I thank you can take it.

Patty Lawhon Barone Oh, oh, Arty! Now you've done it! Better go find an animal more your size, or you might not get to see Christmas.and love April Pandent Necklace so much

Anita Hegarty Nash the lynx with her cute little smile, Artys real cosy will stay for a while , Beware of the furry cuteness of the big cat ,For she has the claws to send you aback, Don't get comfy Arty there's plenty to do , Few more adventures needed at this adventure zoo.

Dawn Underwood Such a beautiful cat! Isn't this the Cat Jordan was holding while we waited for TJ's arrival? That was incredible!

Dawn Hinrichs The Lynx to me is the most gorgeous of cats. They are so unique and movements are so fluid. I look forward to each new day to see what Arty is up to!!! Thank you Jordon and Anita I look forward to your comments also.

Virginia Denner I love this! Beautiful lynx. Arty looks pretty comfortable with him. This is fun! Thank you AAP, Jordan and all the staff for sharing this extraordinary adventure with all of us. This has been an amazing year for AAP.

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Day 12 Animal adventure park arty

Day 15 Animal adventure park arty

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