Mike Pence meets with the heroes who stopped the Texas church shooter

Vice President Mike Pence meets with the heroes who stopped the Texas church shooter. They are joined by Senator Ted Cruz, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and Texas Governor Greg Abbott

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Viewers reacted:

Jennifer Williamson Neal Thank you for you support and love for all the people who were affected by this tragedy. You are a true loving and compassionate leader. I'm so thankful that you are the VPOTUS. Blessings

Steve Hernandez ·A good guy with a gun stepped up to defend those who could not defend themselves 🇺🇸 This is a perfect example of why we have the 2nd Amendment!

Naomi Haggai  I had the honor of meeting him in Israel when he came to visit my unit based up north. He gave us a coin and took picture with me. A good man. Love from Israel! You are a true ally

Louis Penda We all sorry for the victim's families, we love you and love our President and Vice-president. .we will elect them again for the second term. .may God bless the United States of America

Dianne Slate Thank you Mr vice President for showing you care for these wonderful people in our great state of Texas. They need all of our love and concern and prayers to get them through this terrible tragedy.

Bill Chase Thank you, Mike Pence. Texas is so lucky to have such a godly man send his condolences during this sad time.

Harriet Turner ·Thank God for the man who carried, & the one who drove his truck after that killer! God Bless them both for doing the right thing!!

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