Michael Flynn has been charged with making a false statement to the FBI

Michael Flynn Latest Update and Live

BREAKING: Plea hearing scheduled for Michael Flynn today at 10:30 a.m., special counsel's office announces. Pres. Trump's former national security adviser has been charged with making a false statement to the FBI. 

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Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn charged with making false statements to the FBI, the latest associate of Pres. Donald J. Trump's to face charges related to the special counsel probe

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Michael Flynn prepared to testify that President-elect Donald Trump directed him to make contact with the Russians *during the transition* — initially as a way to work together to fight ISIS in Syria, confidant now says

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Viewers reacted to Michael Flynn Latest Update and Live

Alex Sonnenfeldt This is all they have? Hillary lied to the FBI. And congress. And her actions actually posed a threat to american national security. Did they not charge her because she’s female or because she’s a democrat?

Kim Hurd Ooooooh is this gonna play out like an advent calendar where every day we get a little gift until Don the Con goes down!?

Anne Howell How many times did Hillary lie to the FBI!!!!! Why isn't she in prison!!!!! The witch hunt to try and get President Trump on the least little thing is really a travesty of justice!!!! Why aren't there any investigations into the real criminals, the democrats!

Anne Hodges And, to think…he was National Security Adviser…very important job…our national security and he was a crook…If you have any doubt as to Trump's choices now, you are deaf, dumb and blind!! Obama warned you, Trump…remember?

Vic Anthoni Michael Flynn is the fourth person tied to Trump that's facing charges in the Mueller investigation. No fake news, these are facts! Also this plea deal means Flynn is cooperating with the FBI and Bob Mueller, this means he is giving information on the Trump campaign and collusion with Russia.

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Dave Weiss What about Hillary's false statements to Congress about her email, Unranium One, 145 million dollars of Russian money in her Foundation..Did Flynn's false Statement have anything to do with the outcome of the election as much as Hillary cheating in the debate or the DNC rigging and fixing the DNC or the FBI And DOJ interfereing in the election and their nit going public with the selling of 20% of this nations Uranium to Russia.

Terri Lewis 2 big items in the news today. 1 is not being reported on by ABC ! go figure. Why isn't there more coverage on the Illegal immigrant Who Killed Kate Stinley ? Is it because it is a sanctuary city ? or it is because he shouldn't have been here at all ?

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