Michael Bennett Try To Tear A Jaguars Lineman’s ACL On A Kneel Down Play

Michael Bennett Try To Tear A Jaguars Lineman’s ACL On A Kneel Down Play

Michael Bennett ignited a play that had flags flying at the end of the Seahawks game against the Jaguars Sunday in Jacksonville.

With the game secured and Jacksonville needing two kneel downs for time to expire, Bennett could be seen purposefully diving and rolling into he center’s knees multiple times, purposefully trying to injure him in a way man lineman tear their ACLs.


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Michael Bennett dangerously rolls into the centers leg. Sheldon Richardson ejected for throwing a punch.

This ref literally almost jumped out of his shoes throwing the flag

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Viewers reacted:

Jeff DeLeon And people are trying to blame Jacksonville… same guy who lied about his encounter with the police. POS. Suspend him.

Sean Matthew Klasen He's a lying, anti-American, race-baiting, moronic idiot who has never done the sport or anyone any good, ever. But yeah he's definitely a "Man of the Year"

Mike McGovern Guys relax. Bennett said the offensive lineman put a gun to his head and threatened to kill him. He was just defending himself.

Nathan Michael Get this guy out of the league already. Bad for PR, lies constantly and now trying to purposefully hurt people.

Keith Caporelli Seahawks are sore losers. They wanna blame the refs too, but maybe Russell Wilson should’ve thrown three less interceptions.

Raeann Matthew Brayton-Cargill Seattle fan my whole life from way back in Zorn days. That being said Bennett needs to be suspended for the rest of this year and a couple of games next year if it was up to me. I'm embarrassed he plays for Seattle.

Mekenzie Reneè JAG FANS ARE THE CLASSY ONES FOR DUMPING BEER ON JEFFERSONS HEAD!!! Also Fucked up calls and not calling certain things!! Bennett didn’t even get kicked out of the game so must of not been that bad!!! The jags are just scared because they knew Wilson could win in less then 2 minuets!!! #SEAHAWKSFORLIFE

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