Moring Update On April the Giraffe vs Meet Maxx and Jordan Patch at AAP Today

Good morning Everyone

It`s hard to say " Goodbye MAXX"

Today we bring you the love between Jordan Patch and Maxx 

April and Tajiri Today Photos:

April the Giraffe

April not listening to Alissa lol


Tajiri the Giraffe


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April the Giraffe

Fans react:

Terri Blanco I watched The Zookeeper's Wife yesterday and cried a lot . I loved the little camel that followed her around all day like a puppy. RIP sweet Max.

Andrea Hendrick Jordan Alyssa Cory and everyone else. I shared his video on a page and everyone is so heartbroken and i wanted so much to tell you im so sorry for your loss and if i could hug you all i would. My heart goes out to you all. Jordan i know you were so close my heart aches for you. Im praying for you

Pat Parrella-Miljkovic So very sorry for the loss of Maxx! What a truely gorgeous animal…now an angel over the Rainbow Bridge! My thoughts and prayers are with Maxx and all his family and friends that knew and loved him! Rest In Peace Maxx…you will never be forgotten!

Mary K Larson-Gutman I am so sorry for your loss. This must be heartbreaking and I wish there were words I could write to make you feel better. What a sad day.

Barbara Nannery-Warmka Maxx will always be reside within your hearts, and never truly die as long as you remember him. My deepest sympathy on the loss of your beloved companion and friend

Violet Downs Hall My heart goes out to you all at AAP he was given a great life to enjoy, and was well loved . He will not be forgotten but there will be great memories

Nannette Jackson Awww I'm so sorry to hear this! 
We lost one of our pets this morning as well. He was a little guinea pig but he held a huge part of our hearts and was a family member as are all of our other pets! 
It's never easy!
Looking forward to bringing my family to visit tomorrow! 
RIP Maxx!

Cathie Berg Randall Glad I got to meet Maxx in the "Tuesdays/Thursdays with Jordan" segment where he was highlighted. So very, very sorry for your loss. Rest well dear Maxx…

Gale Roberts Williams So very sorry to hear that Maxx has passed. Thankful it was peaceful. Jordan, Maxx gave you a mission. His purpose was fulfilled and his legacy will live on in your work with Adventure Park. Thank you Maxx, for vision.

To honor Maxx:


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