Meet ALF the Giraffe At Brights Zoo Today

Meet ALF the Giraffe At Brights Zoo Today

On June 24, 2017, Alf came into the world like every other giraffe calf and the delivery went great. Then things changed. Alf couldn't nurse and needed the life saving  colostrum to kick start his immunity and nutrition. 


Enter teamalf to the rescue. With the help of the veterinary clinic, they got him the much needed colostrum, but Alf's problems didn't end there. He was unable to nurse and needed nutrition also. The decision was made to tube feed. Sounds easy if you are a newborn baby, but not so easy on a 5'7 giraffe weighing over 140 pounds. The worry, painful decisions, questions going through the minds of always what is best for Alf and if you are doing enough. 


Doubts, concern, prayers, tears, long hours hard at work to give him every chance for survival. Not to mention sleepless nights with worry and care tending. Then on day 6 that prayer is answered and Alf takes his bottle. The staff literally cried tears of joy. Alf had turned the corner.  Finally the sucking reflex kicks in and success is close. Only to find out that Mommy's milk had dried up and someone would have to step in and become the caregiver and mommy to him. 

Enter Maggie and her love, gentle touch, and nurturing. Alf is beginning to thrive and has formed an attachment like no other to the only mommy he knows now. Yes, the rest of the team love him and he loves them, but the mommy bond had been made. 

Alf is a ham and loves the camera. He has personality and also a stubborn streak. Some nights he refuses to take his bottle from Mrs Connie, so Maggie drives to the zoo to feed him that important night time feeding. 

Alf's silly antics and goofy personality have endeared him to many through videos and updates from Brights. Watching him and his caretaker aka Mommy Maggie have made him a favorite of so many! 

Alf was born at Brights Zoo in Limestone, Tennessee. Limestone is a small community of 5739 people, 5 giraffes, and many other animals,  nestled in North eastern Tennessee and birth place to Davy Crockett.  His parents are Valerie and Melmac who reside at Brights Zoo. He also has a sister, Shenna that lives at the Zoo. His brother passed away. 

Alf the Giraffe Playing In the Barn

Alf the Giraffe 


He was named after the show Alf. Fitting since his dad is Melmac. At first, an S name was being thought of because Alf has an S mark on his back. Alf is much more fitting to his personality!!

Alf will be staying at Brights Zoo and starting his own herd one day. We wish the Brights much success with the challenges of building a barn and finding Alf a girlfriend and playmate.

To help with the major cost of a barn and getting Alf his forever home please consider donating to the Brights Zoo :


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