Merry Christmas from Grandpa Mason and his kittens

Merry Christmas from Grandpa Mason and his kittens!

Mason hopes you are spending your holidays like he is… safe, warm, loved and buried under a pile of snuggly kittens. 

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In case you haven't heard Mason's story… he is an ancient feral cat with terminal kidney disease. Instead of euthanasia, we wanted him to have a chance to experience comfort and freedom from pain in his sunset months. We thought that was as good as it would get for him, but then we discovered he LOVES rescue kittens. 15 months later, he is still terminally ill, he still doesn't think much of humans, but he feeling good, and is SO happy to be alive and surrounded with the love of "his" babies.

He LOVES having things on his head / rubbing his head, I just TrojanKittened the hat on when he was sleepy, and he thought maybe it was a kitten.

mason and his kittensMason and His kittens

Supporters reacted:

Carolyn Sue Wheeler I can't believe it, but I am seeing it. You snuck up on Grampa Mason and carefully placed the Santa hat. OMG this is adorable!! Truly adorable!!

Kerry Mormello Grandpa Mason is a bright spot in this world. Thank you for sharing his life and his happiness with us.

Liz MacDonald The love and care of humans and those kittens are what is keeping him alive. 

He has a reason to survive and while his kidneys may still be terminal, some miracle is obviously being worked everyday. 

When his time comes, he will be ready to go as he has known love and kindness

Lori Edmonds-Shults Merry Christmas Grandpa Mason and all the other kitties. Especially you Shelley that did all you can for Grandpa Mason

Gary Curran Shelly, how did you get the Christmas cap on Mason? WOW. Merry Christmas, Mason, and many more to you with lots of kitties to come.

Pat Mattos Seriously, you got a Santa hat on Grandpa Mason? I am so beyond impressed! Grandpa Mason is just like the Charlie Brown tree-he just needs a little love.

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