Live Stream : Golden Globes 2018 Red Carpet and Awards Ceremony

Your Great Host Seth Irskens Reacts to Red Carpet and the Award Ceremonies at the Golden Globes 2018 Awards Ceremony as he drinks his Champaign glass filled with Sparkling Grape Juice and water bottles with it too. Who Will Win the Gold and who will go home as a nominee?

What do you think of Seth Meyers as the Golden Globes host?


Viewres reacted:

Scott Reynolds Aww way to go little buddy! I got some apple slices and TWO juice boxes ready when you get home. Shrek 1. You earned it.

Nicol Marie Ganz-Ruse Never heard of him or saw him before don’t care

Dianne Krachala Affolder So, many of you are saying you don’t care, Blah Blah and your not watching it. Then, why are you following this post?

Maria Magdalena Suska Wow this pathetic, identity politics, guilt ridden #GoldenGlobes monologue is exactly why nobody cares what these people think anymore.

(I’d add a joke here but I don’t wanna upstage this travesty.)

Michele Bloom Seth is great. He is a very stable genius. For those of you complaining. Don't watch, if you don't like Hollywood. Don't comment if you're not




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