Live Sstream on Sounthern California Wildfires Today

Live Sstream on Sounthern California Wildfires

Firefighters across Southern California are battling six major wildfires as brutal Santa Ana winds are forecast to continue fanning the flames through Saturday.

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Viewers reacted:

Kathy Flesner Are these forests that are burning? And if so, do lots of people live in these forests?

Andrea Russell ·I wish we could give them our snow and put the fire out,I wish we could,praying for these ppl in cali,please God help them! No one deserves this

Rosalie Harman ·I am so worried. I have a lot if Family there. So far they have been marked safe, but some are on alert to evacuate if they must. Some have bought masks to protect themselves against smoke.

Joann Colunio Cavallucci · My prayers to family and friends who live in. California especially to the people in the area of the fires!

Leslie Ann Ledford · In California you are not allowed to smoke in a lot of places and no throwing your cigarette butts out of your car

Patty Riley ·the people of sonoma county know exactly what you guys down south are going thru its heartbreaking our prayers are with you and I can only imagine alot of our first esponders are as well

Renee Colleen Hunt · What California needs is volunteers to help with what the firefighters and Emergency Personnel want !! Saying your prayers is good but helping them would be better !

Becky Watson Many prayers to all the firefighters and the Ambulance people and to All that are helping to fight this terrible fire. Prayers to all

We are raising for the victims and families of the Southern California Wildfires, hepl us


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