Little Ava, Jordan and Collen Patch Update

We gladly accepted the challenge by The Colonial to fill our carts to feed the hungry; collecting food items to fill the pantries at CHOW!
On behalf of the Animal Adventure team; we donated 253 items!

ava jordan and collen patch

Little Ava, Jordan and Collen Patch

Dads are awesome , get it : Here
This food-raiser may end today but do not let the consideration for those left hungry around the world end today! Next trip to the store – buy 5 items to donate to your local food pantry!
1.7 Million Followers… we could feed a lot of people!

Supporters react to Little Ava, Jordan and Collen Patch Update

Evelin Lindsay Once again, the Patch family does something wonderful!! I love this picture. You all look so happy! Much love to sweet Ava! Thank you, for all that you do. 

Trish Donahue Gift Suggestion: When your local market has a 5 for $5 or 10 for $10, buy a few extra items and donate them to the nearest food pantry. Or shop the 'off-brand' store (around here it's Aldi or Sav-a-Lot), You can buy their store brand items for less than a dollar. It doesn't cost you a lot, and it helps other people.

Barb Tindall We need more loving caring families like the Patch family. Not only does your kindness care for animals but also humans in need. God bless you. Ava is so beautiful and lucky to have parents who are perfect role models for her.

Mary Ann Kruse Ruebenstahl A beautiful picture of you & the family. You've inspired me to do just that. And since I work in a grocery & will be getting a discount on groceries in a few weeks, will do it more than once. The hurricanes & fires have wiped out many Food Pantries around the country. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.


Christmas is coming, many got it: Here

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