Lily the elephantUpdate: Lily turned 5 today!

Lily the elephant at Oregon Zoo

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Lily turned 5 today!

Supporters reacted to Lily the elephant at Oregon Zoo

    Lisa Arr Happy Birthday Baby!! Lily, may you have a beautiful, peaceful life, as an ambassador for the Elephant Nation, in our zoo
I hope we maintain clean, invigorating and interesting living quarters for you, and your brethren.
May both our species learn from each other, respect one another, and spread awareness throughout the world, of the daily plight of both the Elephant Nation, and all animals located around the globe, in and outside of zoos.
You didn't ask to be in a zoo, but I believe you're in a very GOOD ZOO as it goes. As such, you are in a unique position to help many of the animals located in locked boxes, wrongly named "Zoo" around the world. Also, u believe you're an Ambassador for the Elephant Nation that lives in the wild, who are being slaughtered for pieces of their bodies. Let's you and I, and all the humans who come to visit you, work to stop this!!
God Bless You, and the important work you're doing!
All you humans reading this: let's help Lily live long and happily and help her continue her work to save her species. It would be a crime to let them perish from this planet! Give locally, globally, and spread awareness of these noble animals and their plight!!
Thank you, from One of the Many, and One of the Few.

David John Kornelussen Thank you Oregon Zoo, for all that you do. Many a time when the grind of the day was more than I can say. I stopped in and stayed, sitting with the animals as they spent their day. The spokesman of the moments with each sharing something unique in the simplicity of, to be. Thank you all, in,… to be.

Gail Kaplin It is so wonderful to see her so happy. It's wonderful to see any elephant safe and happy and in a group. Thank you Oregon Zoo

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