Brights Zoo Baby Giraffe Update Today

Latest Update on Alf the Baby Giraffe

I personally want to write this apology for Mr. Bright, Maggie and anyone else affected by harsh and cruel words from the public, me being one of them.

Alf the Giraffe

We seem to become so involved with these animals which we really have no personal involvement with outside of watching them. We don't care for them in the flesh, we don't feed them, we don't do anything except watch them on a video.

For that, I was grateful to have the opportunity to see. We, as public, have no say, really. I am so sorry for my mean words. It is not like me at all. So, I went to the website for Wildlife Partners and ended up having a fulfilling conversation with the owner, Brian.

He was great. He posed one question to me that I think was fair. He asked how, if I have no affiliation or financial interest in ALF or the Bright's Zoo, do I find that I can criticize and issue forth mean edicts to Mr. Bright as to what he does with his animals. And, I had to say, I don't have any right. I did say that I have a right to express an opinion, however.

Once something goes up on FB, it is fair game (excuse me) to all types of individuals I was delighted to be able to enjoy the birth of Taj and the appearance and educating of funny silly Alf. At the same time, I think, it also gave leave for us as a public, who became so emotionally involved with an animal on a screen, that we became an overly involved viewer.

That does not give us the right to be highly mean and scathing (that was me). We can express our opinion without being harmful and in my case, I was very vocal…And is what is not my case, I did not research as I usually do to find out what is really going on.

I had this discussion with Brian just a few minutes ago. Again, Mr. Bright and Maggie, I sincerely apologize for my part in making things miserable for you folks. I hope you will accept.

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Alf the Giraffe Playing outside



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