Tune in to hear all about President Trump’s BIG week!

Tune in to hear all about President Trump's BIG week!

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Shane Close Profound in his vision, confident in his command, peerless in his patriotism, President DONALD J. TRUMP is the world's premier statesman. His tireless and noble endeavor to build the American empire into one of tremendous prosperity and prestige is making monumental leaps forward each day and rewriting the history books for generations to come. It's time to start thinking about amending Presidential term limits and elections so that President DONALD J. TRUMP can continue to serve us so well indefinitely.

There's nothing that can't be accomplished with President DONALD J. TRUMP and his unparalleled abilities and leadership prowess. May he continue to win new victories for the American people and the entire world each day for many, many years to come! It's time to abolish oppressive Presidential term limits! If Senators don't need them, neither does the President!

Wesley Scott Alexander Remember that time when Hillary lost the election in a landslide? That was one of the greatest days in US history.

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Sunny Eronmose Isuekebhor Any man leaves his company worth billions of dollars to work in the White House for every day Americans deserves respect – no one has done it before! God bless president Trump

Carol Weinberg Did you ALL know President Trump is a true Christian? He believes in Christ as his Savior. He says Merry Christmas and believes that Jerusalem is Israel's capitol. Pray for him and his family..Thank you Mr. President. We appreciate you..

Rita Jacobsen I'm so thankful for President Trump!!! USA desperately needed you!!! I'm so sorry how the bitter old liberals treat you and your family! I am 60 years old and I think you are the best President in my lifetime! Please don't stop fighting for us! There are more of us that love you than hate you! We are so appreciative of all you that you are doing! Keep MAGA!!!!!!!! By the way love your newscast! Telling the truth!

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