Kendi the Hrino Update Today : Kendi Vocalizing

Kendi the Rhino Live

Turn your sound on to hear Kendi vocalizing. Black rhinos communicate mostly through scent marking, but they also have a wide range of vocalizations. Short squeaks or mews are primarily used by young calves when communicating with their mother.


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The Cincinnati Zoo is home to two species of rhino – the black rhino (critically endangered due to habitat loss & poaching) & the Indian or Greater One-Horned Rhino (vulnerable also due to habitat loss &poaching)

Supporters react:

Lily Lottes Adorable. He appears he has a lot to say. I bet Fiona and Kendi together would be a hoot. She could show him how to be a Media Darlin and he could teach her how to be vocal. Watch out world if those two hit together LOL

Brenda M McComas Didn't know that, sounds like my newest cast away from the corn fields. Kendi is a cute little bugger

Carol Mullens Wondetful work at this zoo to promote awareness of species that are suffering near extinctson. These rhinoceros are wonderful animals that we share the earth with. Thanks for all you do on their behalf as well asall creatures of so many types


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