Kendi the Black Rhino at Cincinnati Zoo Update

Kendi the Black Rhino at Cincinnati Zoo Update

Kendi is getting more comfortable being in the outdoor yard and is starting to explore more. They still have access to go inside if they choose so you may or may not see him on your next visit. Black rhinos are not really black.

The species most likely got its name as a distinction from the white rhino and/or from their dark coloring after wallowing in mud.


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Dave Flower My understanding is that the rhino naming had to do with changing German names. The "white" rhino resulted from a changing of the German word for wide which is "weit" (sounds like white).

The mouth of the weit or white rhino is wide. The black rhino has a mouth that is not wide – it much more narrow. Color was not the genesis for the naming. That's my understanding on this topic.

Suzanne Goode Thank you for sharing Kendi with us. Adorable, pre-historic-looking creature. Wanna make a trip to Ohio to see him and his nearby neighbor, baby hippo Fiona.

Peggy Becker Cute little bugger! Did not realize they pawned the earth so well. Their prehensile lip is cute. Do you feed them anything extra than what they graze? How are they about being in water, or is it just mud they like?

Such awesome pachyderms. That is a mama I would not want to upset, just like an elephant or a hippo. And I love them all!

Maria Unkel So cute. Kendi and Fiona are tie score. Both are cute babies. Love watching them. Thank you for sharing.

Sheila Finch I love the way he wanders around exploring — then, whoops! He goes galloping back to find Mom!

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