Update on Baby Kendi Back Rhino and Mama at Cincinnati Zoo

Kendi making an adorable chin rest for his mama.

kendi back rhino

Kendi Back Rhino



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Black Rhino Calf Kendi 1st Time Out


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​​​Supporters react:

Mary Spagnuolo Stout Lol too bad he can't have a play date with Fiona and the moms could discuss raising toddlers lol

Lucilla Teoh Kendi: Mama, you sure dis is wat a child has to do?

Tommie Linares He is absolutely adorable and what a beautiful mama

Jeannie Dyke Kendi is right up close to the fence! Time out? He is is cute. I had never seen a baby Rhino til this yr. I am so glad to be part of this site.

Jim Bastian Deb here: So beautiful and I love this little family. Happy Wednesday to all.

Sue Lynch Your posts make my day. I wish I lived close by and could come see these sweet hippos often

Jim Babcock I love the possessiveness and protectiveness implied in this gesture. What a good mamma!

Carly Nottingham We're just going to sit right here, young man, until you can make better choices.

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