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Kellyanne Conway Interview

Kellyanne Conway Interview – Hillary Clinton, so lots to discuss with incoming white house counsellor Kellyanne conway.Kellyanne, Thanks so much for joining us, we appreciate it, my pleasure, tat the firt presidentianl debate the candiates were asked about cyber attacks on the U.S and this what the canidate and now president-elect Donald Trump had to say about the hacking of the democratic national comittee, take a listen.

I don`t think anybody knows it was russian that broke in the DNC, she`s saying Russian, but I don`t, may be it was, i mean it could be Russian but it could also be China. It the could also be lots of other people, it could also be somebodysignature on their bed that weighs 400 pounds,
You don`t know who broke into DNC, now that president-elect Trump has een formally briefed, has he been persuaded that Russian did carry out a comprehensive cyber campagn against Hillary Clinton and what is he prepared to do about it?Kellyanne Conway Interview

Jake, if you read his entire statment that followed the briefing on Friday he makes very clear that Russia, China and others have attemped to attack different Government Institutions and businesses and individuals and organizations over a series of time. He specifically  mention the Democratic National Committee because that`s why we`re haveing this conversation can.
I don`t wat any of your viewers to be mislead into thinking how the kremlin and the Republican partj, that they had, that the kermlin was dealing with any of the hackers and bringing that information back to Moscow and soemhow that anynpy who alempingdly attempted to influence our elections actually, if you read the full report they make very clear.

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