Jake Tapper Grills Kellyanne Conway In CNN Interview

Kellyanne Conway Interview

Kellyanne Conway Interview – Let's just pick up on this real quick and then we'll move on the you were talking to your kids with which is good you can still got to be a mom but muslim american italian american irish american you've got both flood I in your background why pause before answering whether or not all of those are equal I wasn't even looked at listening to in degree of the congressman King but you know this president is the president of all Americans he said that in the wee hours of November ninth when he was elected and he's doing things that will affect all Americans even those who didn't support him but I think he wanted me here for a different reason absolutely

Kellyanne Conway Interview –I just want to bring in on the conversation of the morning art so we had my Kelly on he says he bet he asked you these questions in the Bergen Record everybody's talking about the interview right now the suggestion seemed to be from you that wiretapping could include all these different genres of technological advancements they should be looked at as well the problem is the president it's a phone call away from answering all these four hold on none of that is true.

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I was answering a question about surveillance techniques generally I was reflecting what people fall in the news last week which were several articles about how we can surveil each other generally the answer I've given about the president and wiretapping and Trump Tower is very simple and I've said it many times including this morning on other networks so that screaming headline doesn't even reach the quote in the content accurately you may not have meant it at the conversation you were having with Kelly was about this investigation he brought it up never gone really it was about surveillance generally and the fact that good now to this article generally though that's just truly the transcript you may have answered it generally but you were asked specifically Chris I'm not inspector gadget I don't believe people are using the microwave to spy on the Trump campaign however i have i'm not in a job of having evidence that's when investigations are for i've said many many times throughout the week that thepresident is pleased that the House and Senate intelligence committees have agreed with him that this should be part of the investigation that already exists about Russia in the campaign an investigation that apparently has gone nowhere so far every single day on this network and others people are screaming about Russia in the campaign in to what avail but where where is the other seven is it over to restore okay but you're fine with that you're fine with that investigation taking its time but when it comes to the House and Senate intelligence committees listening to President Trump 

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