Juma the Giraffe has died at The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore

Juma the Giraffe has died at The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore

Days like this are the hardest for our Zoo Family. We're heartbroken to share with you the news of the passing of 5-year-old Giraffe Juma.
Juma began experiencing gastro-intestinal problems earlier this year, and the veterinary team was able to treat her during each episode, several of which were severe. Unfortunately, for unknown reasons even with continued treatment by the veterinary staff as well as close observation and supplemental feedings from her care team, Juma did not regain her appetite or gain weight and died overnight yesterday. Everyone here at the Zoo is feeling this loss deeply and know our fans will be too in what has been a year of ups and downs for our giraffe herd.
Juma was not only an important member of our herd, she was Willow's Mom. She brought us the first giraffe calf at this Zoo in over 20 years, and she will always be remembered for that precious gift. Willow has been weaned for a few months now and has healthy relationships with her "aunties" Kesi and Anuli. Juma will continue to be loved and missed by her Zoo family – both internally by the teams who cared for her and by the individuals who had the pleasure of feeding her at the Giraffe Feeding Station or watching her in the yard.

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Supproters reacted to Juma the Giraffe has died at The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore

Maitri Pamo Ugh. Well this is the thing. I abhor zoos. It makes me so sad to think of animals being prisoners for human enjoyment. What in the world are giraffes doing in Baltimore? Sad for her passing. Wish her life had been free in her own environment instead of in a prison

Denise Rosenkranse I am so heartbroken and sad to hear this news. I saw her and Willow on July 15th the day that our sweet boy Julius passed away. I know the Heartbreak is still fresh and this makes it even harder for all of you. My heart prayers and condolences go out to each and everyone of you at the zoo especially the giraffe keepers. RIP sweet Juma. Run wild and free with Julius. Love from Eastern Shore in Maryland 

Terry Summers This is heartbreaking. I'm so very sorry on the loss of Juma; You are just beautiful Juma. May your journey to Rainbow Bridge be full of the best of health and love. I'm sure you will be playing with Baby Julius now. Your Willow would like that I bet.Thankyou to all the Zoo staff for all their care and efforts to care for all the animals.

Mary Savage So very sadden to hear of this additional loss to the giraffe herd at the zoo. Was there at the beginning of this month and saw the herd. I know that Willow will miss her mom but feel assured that the staff and other giraffes will take good care of her. RIP Juma…run and play over rainbow bridge with baby Julius. What a heartbreaking and devastating loss for the staff and visitors of the zoo.

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