JULIUS UPDATE: A sudden and major change in Julius’ blood work is a serious concern


Julius, Kesi, Willow, and Juma all together. There are not significant changes to Julius' health or feeding to report today, but there is a major social change. Julius' 5-month-old half-sister Willow and her mom Juma have met him before through sight, smell, and even some touch through barriers, but now they are sharing space for the first time inside the Giraffe House (which remains closed to the public).

julius update

                                                                                                Julius the Giraffe

Giraffes are herd animals by nature, so the introductions went very smoothly. You can even see big sister Willow grooming Julius' face in this video. Our hope is that this change will not just provide Julius and Kesi additional social stimulation but also potentially encourage Julius to be more active and work up a stronger appetite for his feedings. The giraffe care team continues to watch the results of each adjustment they're making including this one closely.

Zoo visitors should note that this weekend Willow and Juma may not be viewable on exhibit as they spend more time indoors with Julius and Kesi. Ceasar and Anuli are expected to be outdoors and the Giraffe Feeding Station will be open to giraffe lovers. TeamJulius

Today we're living by the adage "it doesn't happen overnight." It's said so often because it's true in many cases, especially Julius' right now. Over the next few days, Julius will transition to a new feeding schedule with the goal of him bottle feeding more successfully and gaining weight after losing 2 lbs today. The adjustments that the giraffe care team are making to enhance Julius' progress may create small changes or exciting breakthroughs. Either way, it will take time and careful observation to fully assess if any one adjustment does help Julius get accustomed to the bottle and gain the incremental weight a typical giraffe calf would be putting on at three weeks of age. Yes, the little guy is three weeks old today – a silver lining of the day. It has taken a huge effort by many to get him this far and the journey continues with every new day. Thank you for your patience and committed support, TeamJulius is a daily inspiration.


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Supporters react:

Betty Louwsma Thank you for this Julius update. I hope he will play with Willow and follow her lead with nursing. We all appreciate the great care you are giving him. Grow strong Julius.

Lynn Deeds Good evening my little sweetpea. So nothing new to report on your weight issue and bottle drinking, huh? Well ok. Guess tonight we can talk about your visit with your half sister and Juma. I have to say at first glance you just look so lost and lonely little dude. So delicate and frail. Then I see you go around the fence all by yourself and sit down.

I felt so bad in my heart for you. I wanted to just close my eyes and put myself beside you to keep you company. BUT then I saw Willow come over, looking a little unsure herself, to check on you. OMG. You two broke my heart. My eyes got all watery. She was gentle and showed you she is there for you and you showed her your caring right back. So they are gonna keep you all together to get to know each other.

They are also hoping you will learn from them and want to eat more. Julius, you need to eat. Baby you do look thin and you need to drink to get stronger and grow. I cannot wait for the day that I meet you. My camera is gonna be buzzin'. Lol. I hope you enjoy momma, Willow and Juma' company.

Make lots of memories little dude. And remember, keep close to momma and drink from your bottles when your angel team feeds you. You baby are so loved. You are in my heart and soul little dude and I love you and pray for you every day. Sleep well my boy and I will check on you tomorrow. I love you.

Tonya Shaw Canerot What a beautiful video. Hopefully this will bring the encouragement that Julius needs to kickstart his eating. Praying for you Julius. The world loves you and wants you to thrive.

Cathy Flynn Come on baby Julius! Everyone is praying for you little one!

Teresa Fildes I was wondering the same thing after I read about Alf ! But they know what they are doing God Bless you Julius and care team

Debbie Obbards Ackenback This could be a very good move for Julius, as he sees his sister and hopefully follows her lead. Thank you TeamJulius, you know best. Julius precious boy, work and play with your sister. It will wear you out and make you hungry. That's good. Looking forward to tomorrow's update. And nothing up good energy and positive thoughts coming your way !

Christine Atherton Oh I hope being with family helps Julius we need you to grow.is he eating at least I hope so.We want you to grow little boy you have a beautiful family who love you.Sending hope and prayers and love.#teamjulius thank you for trying everything let is just hope for good things family love is a great thing.HUGS

Carole Robertson Thank you for the beautiful video. I hope this is the jump start that Julius needs…to be part of a larger family. Willow was so sweet to Julius and watching the interactions was so heartwarming. Thank you all for sharing the milestones with us. Love you Julius. Drink your bottles, nurse if you can, and grow strong

Ju Si Many thanks for that lovely clip and the update.. the family is so tender that must give Julius a positive effect I really hope that…Julius looks so cute but also vulnerable..hopefully he will get appetit and became more strong day by day now..continue fighting Julius come on..I know team Julius you work hard thanks for that…we all believe in you and the inner strenght of Julius.

Teresa Johnson Praying the extra stimulation from his sister and moms will help this guy. What a beautiful video. Sending prayers for little Julius and Kesi and well as the rest of the herd. Care team and keepers thank you for all you are doing and have done. Still wishing baby steps wins the race. Hugs, kisses and prayers from Texas!

Dawn Lowman Aw it's so adorable to see his half sister checking him out and showing him such affection!! I'm so happy he is making new family and that he will be given more stimulus and play time with others!! That's so encouraging! I can't wait to see more videos of his progress!

Marie McCollum- Schmidt All look at the love willow is giving. She will be a great mommy when she has her babies Come on baby boy start nursing off of mommy. She is waiting. You can do this. Three weeks in and you are a strong boy.

Holley Holleman I can only wish you the very best in the whole world. This is an excellent idea if it is not too late. Know that we are all praying for Julius, his Caretakers and Medical Team. Thank you!

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