Animal Adventures with Jordan: Addax Antelope

It's time for another Thursday Animal Adventures with Jordan Patch New York
Today Jordan is featuring the Addax Antelope. Head to our watch page to see this new video and don't forget to catch up on some old ones you may have missed!

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Supporters react to Animal Adventures with Jordan Patch New York

Cassie Lynn Scalf OBrien I really love Jordan's sign off tag line. What animal will it be? We just dont know yet. As always, I learned so much about the Addax Antelope. I had no idea they they are endangered as well. My grandkids ask, every time they are here if they watch Jordan talk about animals.

We sometimes have trouble keeping my grand-daughter's focus on something. She sits so quietly and attentively when she watches Jordan. Then she'll come in and tell me everything she learned today.

I think it's amazing that they come in and ask to watch Jordan or the giraffes even over Paw Patrol and Sponge Bob. Great lesson today. Cant wait to meet the next animal on Tuesday. Goodnight AAP have a great night. Thank you Jordan for the extra April time today too.

Bonnie Rowan-Meehan Hi Jordan…I am just curious. I live in Colorado Springs and if you go out on the eastern plains, there are many antelopes out in the fields that look like these. I also know they are hunted but don't know if the game commission has restrictions on them.

Are the ones here cousins of those or are they the same? We are high desert here which many people don't know. If you don't know, that's Enjoyed today's adventure. Thanks.

Gretel S. Ruppert Beautiful animal but does not seem to be easily domesticated. What are they primarily used for ? Food source? Hides? Horns?

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Julie Maurice Gagnon They seem to interact well with Jordan. Are they head-butting the fence to try and get more attention from him?

Alicia Snowder Another great lesson! I can't believe there are only 500 left in the wild. So sad. Awesome the conservation working!!

Any chance of seeing Hank any time soon? My oldest minion has been dying to see the badger. 

Shareca Thompson Animal Adventures with Jordan the video isn't cc for your deaf and hard of hearing fans – there are deaf kids that depend on the captions just like the deaf and hard of hearing adults. Please cc the video – thanks!

Gretchen Armato Love these episodes! But I sure didn't love it being interrupted in mid-word by a stupid commercial for Dell! And no way to cancel the commercial. Hope this was just a one-time fluke. At first I wondered why Jordan wasn't in the pen with them – till I saw them go at each other with those horns!! Keep up the great work, Jordan!

Teresa Webb I know you love your job, you are always excited when talking about your animals. Thank you so much for your videos. So much is learned by watching them. Please keep them coming.

Rosie Senador Great video on the Addax antelopes. Thought they were playing because one kept wagging its tail. Nice break from watching Hurricane Irma coming her to Florida. Stay all of those in Irma's path

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