Jordan Patch on NY Animal Agriculture Coalition

Jordan Patch On NY Animal Agriculture Coalition 

Jordan Patch

Tomorrow morning we have Animal Adventure Park's Jordan Patch with us! He'll be chatting with us about his park, April the Giraffe, and we’ll take him on a tour of the Dairy Cow Birthing Center.

He'll also be talking with Brian Aukema from Dutch Hill Creamery about the similarities between giraffes and cows!

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Supporters react:

Natalie Mros Best way to start the morning of celebrating my Birthday, tomorrow. April, Ollie and baby Taj are going to be special guests in my living room Thanks 🙏Jordon and AAP! Love you guy.

Licie Angeles Bayuga Awesome. Can't wait to watch it. Jordan is an excellent speaker and an awesome guy all together. Jordan and the rest of AAP, thank you for all that you do.

Shiela Walker Looking forward to tomorrow's piece and would have never imagined, a couple of years ago, that Jordan and Brian would be collaborating on something!

Jean MacMunn Barrett I won't be able to watch live. Animal Adventure Park is it safe to assume you will be posting a video of it later in the day?

Mary Alger Maraski We visited the NYS Fair today and it was so fun seeing multiple quilts on display of a giraffe mother and calf. Certainly a source of inspiration this past year!

Nancy Cable Be sure to post, I watched a cattle auction at Aukema's farm in Chenango Forks many years ago, looking forward to seeing this!

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