Animal Adventures with Jordan: Spotted Hyena

Jordan Patch from Animal Adventure Park

Animal Adventures with Jordan: Spotted Hyena

Baby G: Mama, are you a teacher?
Summer: Yes, Baby G, in the sense that all parents are teachers. They teach their children what to eat, what to do, where to go and how to get there. They help them learn.
Baby G: Are all teachers parents?
Summer: No, as you go through life, you will have many teachers. Not all will be parents.
Willie: Teach, don't preach! Unless you are a preacher teacher.
Baby G: What will teachers teach me?
Summer: Some things you must learn, like how to feed yourself, how to care for yourself, how not to hurt yourself, how to stay healthy, and how to treat others. Some things you want to learn.
Willie: I want to learn the addresses of those far off lady giraffes. They will want to learn all about me.

	jordan patch from animal adventure park Tajiri the Giraffe and Allysa, April

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Summer: Willie! When will you learn it isn't all about you?
Baby G: What will I want to learn?
Summer: As you grow, you will discover what interests you, and what you like to do, and a teacher will help you learn about it or learn how to do it.
Willie: I want to be a diving giraffe, diving off a high platform into a tiny pool. Or maybe I will just learn how to wear platform shoes. Who can teach me how to do that?
Summer: Willie, those were diving horses, not giraffes, and that was long ago. Plus, giraffes don't wear shoes!
Baby G: Are all of them good teachers?
Summer: Some are better than others, but all will help you learn.
Baby G: What makes a teacher a good one?
Summer: A good one loves teaching, loves guiding you to the moment where you understand the lesson, doesn't belittle you if you don't understand right away, or if you take your time getting there. They join you on your journey instead of waiting impatiently at the finish line.
Baby G: World, be my teachers and join me on my journey, learning about giraffes in the wild.

	jordan patch from animal adventure park Jordan Patch from Animal Adventure Park

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Q&A with April, Oliver The Giraffe 

 Lunch Time and Playing Outside 

TAJIRI the giraffe running wild 

Supporters react:

Donna Hollern Jordan, love your Tuesday-Thursday animal showcases. You are so knowledgeable about all species. I'd like to know about zebras. Hope & pray that Ava' s Dr. visit went well. Let all your followers know.

Susan James Thank you so much Jordan. I watch you talk about all these animals and all the excitement you get with every one of them. Then it makes me think about your drive the morning April was ready to bring Taj into this world. You were so, so excited and it made me smile so. Have not made the journey to your park yet but am so looking forward to it

Ellen Kimball Munson Thank you, Jordan, for taking time out of your extremely busy day to spend a little time educating your groupies!! Since AAP has been spotlighting your zookeepers in honor of National Zookeeper Week, I personally honor you for giving all of us a little piece of your piece of heaven called Animal Adventure Park! Thank you for all you do to make this possible! Can't wait to visit again!

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This is Allysa`s Post 

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