Best Photos On Of April, Tajiri, Oliver the Giraffe, Allysa, Corey and Jordan Patch

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How are you today, we are very happy to bring you all best photos today

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April the Giraffe



Corey and visitor

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Oliver the Giraffe

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Mom and Son

Allysa and visitor

Jordan Patch

Tajiri the Giraffe


Animal Adventures with Jordan: Canadian Lynx

Zoo keeper Corey

Supproters react:

Betty Shaffer I love Tuesdays and Thursdays with Jordan!!!! I am learning so much. But…… I kind of want to kidnap that adorable Lynx!! And the tortoise photo bomb was hysterical!

Donna Lauffer When you put him on the ground he raced off so I think Dash is an appropriate name. Nash and Dash! O happy Nash will have a mate. Coming back soon to see my beautiful lynx girl!!

Connie Chimento Solomon Coming to visit the park on Thursday from Ohio. Can't wait!! Some of my friends think I am crazy for driving 6 hours for a giraffe but other April lovers will understand. Your educational sessions are amazing. Keep up the great job. Love AAP. Jordan, u have really found your calling running this park!

Dee Lary Great education! I didn't know much about the Canadian Lynx other than they were cute and were the ones I liked with the very long pointed black ear tuffs. Didn't know either the difference in size compared to the bobcat. Love that you continue to enlighten and educate, Jordan- you and your staff are amazing! Corey on standby, haha ready to snag that lil cutie and Dr. Tim doing his vet thing. Thank you all!

Lynn Polochock The sweet little lynx is gorgeous! I'm having so much fun learning about all of your gorgeous animals…I look forward to Tuesdays and Thursdays now!! LOVED the turtle photobomber….and it was so nice to get a wave from Dr. Tim. I was at AAP a week after you opened this year….what a wonderful experience! I can't wait to go back to see all of the new additions and check on how big our little Taj is getting! Keep up the good work, Jordan! Hi from Sodus, NY!


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