Jordan Patch Doing Giraffe Talk with April the Giraffe

Taj:  Mama, Have I been bad?
April: Why no Baby G, er Taj. I swear You have had your new name for a week and I still keep calling you Baby G. 
April: You have not been bad.  Why do you ask son? 
Taj:  I think Auntie Allysa is mad at me!
April:  Why do you think that she is mad at you?
Taj:  Well she won't let me go outside. 
Oliver:  Well she is not letting me outside either.
April:  You silly boy, trust me you don't want to go outside.
Taj:  Oh yes I do!  I keep asking Auntie Allysa to let me out and I keep trying to help her open the door and she just keeps telling me NO!  She MUST be mad at me!  (stomps foot)
Oliver:  Well if you went outside you would be getting a long bath!
Taj:  Giraffes don't need baths!  Uncle Corey told me that!  
April:  That is true. We normally do not need baths. 
Taj:  So why would I get a bath if I went outside. I don't need a bath.
Oliver:  Because it is raining!  Dum…
April: OLIVER!  Don't you DARE call him names!  You will be in so much trouble if you do!
Oliver:  And what kind of trouble would I get into?
April:  Do you ever want to get hay from the hay feeder again????  Or treats?  Hmm??   I can arrange …  I can have a talk with Allysa.
Oliver:  Oh alright!
April:  Taj, it is raining outside.  It has been raining a lot for many, many days.  Do you hear all that loud noise on the roof?
Taj:  You mean all that pounding?
April:  Yes, that is the rain hitting the roof.
Taj:  Oh, I thought that was Mr. Jordan getting the park ready for the big opening.
Oliver:  Well there is a lot of pounding and building going on for that but that is on other buildings on the park. 
Taj:  Oh.  They sure must be building a lot of buildings!  I hear pounding going on all day long!
April:  They are son.  It is going to be a really big expansion!  The park opens in a week and everyone is scurrying here and there trying to get everything ready.  But this rain is not helping!  The men are trying to keep on building in spite of the rain.
Taj:  If they can keep building then why are they not letting me go outside!  Why can't I go outside mama?
April:  Well the rain makes big mud puddles!
Taj:  What's a mud puddle?
Oliver:  Well, it is an area in the dirt that is filled with water and the ground becomes all squishy and slimy and slippery and mushy.
Taj: That sounds like it would be fun to play in! I could splash around, run and jump in the puddles!
April:  Sigh, you sound like a 3 week old giraffe!  You would come inside covered with mud and then you WOULD need a bath.
Taj:  But giraffes don't need baths!
April:  Trust me, you would if you played in mud puddles!
Oliver:  Besides, when the ground is like that, we could slip and fall and then we could possibly break a leg.
Taj:  Break a leg?
Oliver:  That would really hurt!
April:  And I don't think they make casts for giraffes.  They definitely don't make crutches for giraffes.
Taj:  Casts???? Crutches???
April:  Trust me, you don't want to find out.  
Oliver:  Ask your Uncle Corey to show you those on his phone.  You could see how funny it would be for a giraffe to try to walk on crutches!  Ha  ha ha.  (laughing hysterically)
April:  Oliver!  you put way to many ideas into this young boy's head!  I swear you will give him too many ideas and before you know it he is going to be filled with a bunch of nonsense!
Oliver: Well I am not the only one.  Who took him to a birthday party last week?  Hmmm? 
April:  Yes, and he ended up in jail!  My baby got arrested!
Taj: (helpfully)  But Uncle Jordan came and got us out and made everything ok!
April: (Sighing)  Someone is NOT always going to be around to bail you out young man!  If you keep getting into trouble you will be the death of me yet!
Taj: (whining)  Mama, is it EVER going to stop raining?  
April:  It will.  We just have to be patient.  
Taj:  (sigh)  I guess I am just going to have to run laps in the barn.  
Oliver:  Cheer up son.  Tuesday is coming fast and our friends will be here to see us.  
April:  That will give you something to take your mind off of all this rain.
Taj:  Oh goody,  I can't wait until Tuesday.

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Jordan Patch Doing Giraffe Talk with April the Giraffe

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