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Code Green: Alpaca

Today our guests enjoyed the miracle of birth and were able to watch a new Cria (baby alpaca) take its first steps. We have a new little girl!

You never know just what you will see at Animal Adventure!

jordan patch biographyCode Green: Alpaca

Supporters react:

Amy Ickowski Oh congratulations to you all again and again! How beautiful the wee Lil lass is!! I'm all in with her name to be Maxi, Maxxine, Maxine…whatever!! This little girl will fill Maxx's hooves one day!! Yes, the circle of life and how wonderful for those who witnessed her birth. God bless you all!!

Marcy Abercrombie Hi Animal Adventure Park — are April and Taj still outside at 4pm most days? i want to try to come but my flight doesn't land in Boston until 10:30 so that means getting to your park right at 4pm most likely.

Diane Kilanowski Congratulations Animal Adventure Park on your new baby Alpaca!!! Baby is so adorable and mommy is so pretty…Now we need to name her, lol

Darlene Kitchen Offenbacher Congratulations. She's a cute little thing. Does she have a name or will there be a contest like they had for Taj? That was lots of fun to see all the options.

Carol Windsor Awww..she is so cute! Nothing like a bouncy new life to soothe a grieving heart. Lucky her being born into such a joyful caring Animal Park.

Cheryl Schulz Watts So adorable. Life goes on in animal kingdom just the same as with humans. They lost MAXX and here they have a new life. And there will be many more.

Barbara Wynn Malatesta How wonderful! What an adorable baby! Alpaca cam next! I am glad to see you have many new residents arriving at AAP. 

Teresa Byrd Johnson Wow what a sweet baby! Omg u guys could make a fortune putting cameras all over the place and having peeps like me stuck at home subscribe! Hint 

Bonnie Guerra God works in funny ways he takes one An give one it happened to me lost my husband An got a beautiful granddaughter oh I want to thank you for making me happy everyday with things you do


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