Animal Adventures with Jordan: Giraffe

Jordan Patch April

Animal Adventures with Jordan: Giraffe

April not LISTENING to Allysa Lol

April the giraffe and Allysa, Tajiri, Oliver

Jordan Patch April – Supporters React:
Melanie Calhoun : Dear Jordan, I absolutely love your live talks! You're so passionate and enthusiastic about what you do that it makes me excited too. You're doing an amazing job of educating all of us and you make it interesting too. Thank You!

Martha Cooper: this session was awesome very interesting facts that I enjoyed learning you all do a great job taking care of the animals and informing the Facebook world about all your animals. enjoyed this a lot. thank you

Michelle Reed That was great Jordan.  I do have a question.  Do any of the animals behave differently during full moons or is that a myth ?  Prayers for you and your family and AAP ROCKS my world.  Thank you for all you do for animals and for humans.

jordan patch april Tajiri the Giraffe

Shari Boulden : I love the TU/WE  Adventures with Jordan. Today, it was so nice to have April & Tajiri be the subject.  
The videos are a great outreach and we old-timers miss the interaction with April. Thanks for bringing them back  to the spotlight today. I hope to come to see them live this season, definitely by next season.  
See you Thursday !

Bonnie Ratcliff: Jordon, thank you for doing these. I learned even more about Giraffes today!! I thought it had all already been covered but once again you educated us more. How do you spell the animal you said was like a giraffe (giraffe, zebra, horse mixture of features)?  I want to look them up. Sounds very interesting. And are those animals also endangered? Thanks again, really enjoy your sessions.

MrsKhloe: Jordan, Thanks for a great video!! I always enjoy watching you and learning all the information you give. I have one question. Why does April try to step on Taj when he's trying to rest? I've seen it happen a few times while watching the cam. Hope you have a safe trip to Phil. Looking forward to watching Thursday. Thanks Again for a great video

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