April the Giraffe Live Cam on July of 13th

April the Giraffe Live Cam on July of 13th

Animal Adventures with Jordan: White Rhino

Support conservation efforts of the Black Mamba Anti-poaching Unit with all store purchases over the next 24 hours! Help Them, Help Rhinos!

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Supporters react:

Ginny Lemen Wonder if Alyssa shrieked when he said one was coming, NO date. Going to web site now to get shirt so donations will be made. God bless Jordan and his family. 

Patti Stewart I have to honestly say that Jordan and his staff have given me a whole new perspective on how I view Zoos. I was never a fan of zoos because I only viewed them as an avenue to put these majestic animals up for public viewing. I never realized the educational and extinction conservation approach that is a huge part of a zoo's function. Jordan and AAP have changed my opinion and I thank you for this and your dedication to these animals.

K.j. Jacobsen Thought of Allysa right away because if I remember right this is her number #1 love is the Rhinos! And after listening to Jordan I fully understand why now as she worked with them in Africa I believe he said! 
Very nice segment & as always I learnt new things about Rhino! We never get to old to learn! 
Jordan as always thank you for your love of animals,mammals & all of the peeps! 
And more than anything thank you for taking precious time away from your wife,& baby Ava for us today! God bless you!

Lori Kinnell Prorok Thank you Jordan! I have also made a separate contribution to the Black Mambas and a large contribution to Giraffe Conservation through an adoption. I had a problem with the link but called and ordered 2 t shirts.

Debbie Zarzecki Very nice presentation Jordan. I'm glad you're bringing attention to the Rhino 's plight with the poachers. They are such magnificent animals;they don't deserve to be treated that way.I hope you enjoyed your time at our zoo here in Philly.. I would have loved to come down there and meet you but I have arthritis in both my knees and don't get around well and I have no one who could drive me there I hope everyone there treated you well and that you'l come back again and do another video here.

Amy Ickowski Jordan, great presentation as always!! I'm sure you'll bring one home somehow!! I also hope Ava had a positive visit for you and Colleen!

Jim Webb Thanks Jordan…Very informative! We have a baby black Rhino here at our zoo in STL. Moyo is quite the cutie. We're also waiting to hear about the black Rhino who is to be born any day at the Cincinnati Zoo. We'll have to educate ourselves on the differences between the white and black Rhino. Wishing your family safe travels home Jordan.

Joyce Simmons Jordan, your future is soamazingly bright and promising, for not only educating us but also in preservation of all endangered creatures. You are in the footsteps of Jack Hanna, Steve Irwin, Jim Fowler, Marlin Perkins and many others who have dedicated their lives to God's creatures. Who could have predicted that Big Maxx and April would guide you, your family and AAP to the path you are now on?? April's web cam must be gold plated and on permanent display at AAP!

Donna Freeman Bonaccorso There are only 3 Northern White Rhinos left, 2 females and a male who are heavily guarded and hopes are that the sperm from the male may one day be used with a Southern White Rhino female to help save the subspecies in some way

Sherry DeSebasco Very nice, Jordan. Thank you Phila. Zoo. Saw Cecily Tynon with a sand lizard (I hope that's right). Thinking about it today. She is excellent with Phila. Zoo animals. Anyway, she spoke of extreme heat they thrive in so it must be in its zone today. I hope you got to see more of the zoo if you haven't been recently. Did you get to see their winter feature with Ava? Love you, Jordan. Take care

Tera Backman Thank you! I had the sweetest opportunity to feed the Rhinos at the zoo here in Utah. I used to be intimidated by their size, but "Princess" and "George" were big teddy bears who loves scratches. I learned so much about these big animals. They are really neat!

Support conservation efforts of the Black Mamba Anti-poaching Unit with all store purchases over the next 24 hours! Help Them, Help Rhinos!

Online Store with New Designs – Order : HERE

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