Evening Update on April the Giraffe and Her Calf on July 17th

Jordan Patch Animal Adventure Family

Happy National Zookeepers week to the dedicated team of Animal Adventure!
Each day we will spotlight our team members.
Park Curato

jordan patch from animal adventure park

Joel came to us after 11 years at the Bronx Zoo; having raised baby tigers and gorillas, rotating around the facility, and spending much time in the Jungle World Building.
Joel is in his second year with our team. His role as curator has him overseeing the entire animal collection and being a liaison and mentor for the other keepers.

                                                                                                                         April the Giraffe
Joel directly maintains our primate collection and bears. We have celebrated a number of successes (births) in Joel's areas this season; which we attribute to their great care!

Taj runng and playing

We also credit Joel with bringing a great new emphasis on the animal enrichment component of our facility.
Today we celebrate him and his efforts! 
Thank you Joel.

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Supporters react:
Shelly Clover-Hill Great idea to highlight your team members! The success of AAP doesn't "just happen." Countless hours of effort and hard work are going on behind the scenes to make "the well oiled machine" (Jordan's words) run smoothly. Thank you for continuing to share AAP with us!

Samantha Ramos Martha Jones just look at one of Jordan staff at his zoo … Thank You Jordan for featuring your staff so we can learn of what they do and what animals they specialize in ,,, your zoo is fantastic and so are you Jordan Patch and all staff members Thanks for sharing

Connie Whisenhunt Awe how wonderful to recognize each member of that wonderful family at AAP on Happy National Zookeepers week. Great job everyone!!! The world sees the great job each and every one of you do.

Deborah Shaw Nice to meet you Joel! We all know about Jordan, Allysa and Corey through our journey with April. It's great to finally put another face with a name. Thanks for all you do in your love of animals. Have a great week!

Pam Distefano Musser Happy National Zookeeper week to Animal Adventure Park and the entire staff. The work that you all do and with so much love. I am sure that it is a thankless job but this week we honor each and every one of you for your dedication and love.

Susan Lynn Thanks for sharing the staff at AAP. Joel thanks for your care of the primates and bears. With your past history, 11 years with gorillas and baby tigers, we can tell you are a great asset as Park Curator. Thanks for loving wildlife.

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