Arctic Wolf Play Time with Jordan Patch Animal Adventure Park

 Arctic Wolf Play Time with Jordan  Patch Animal Adventure Park

We are open for our Fall Hours; Fridays – Sundays
10 am – 5 pm

Cooler temperatures, mean active animals!

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Supporters react:

Cathleen Teller Patterson: The love you show these beauties is so obvious in their behaviour.So precious

Suzanne McWilliams Hegg Singer Please keep up the Animal Adventures narratives, Jordan. You do an amazing job keeping online admirers informed, and we appreciate you

Peggy Dunne Visited there a few weeks ago! What an amazing day! Loved seeing the giraffes! And your awesome staff! The park down the road was beautiful too! The kids went in the lake and swam and it was just beautiful!

Rhonda Wickline I was able to see these beauties!! OMGOSH!! Everything was so awesome!! Hope to visit again!

Patricia Jungers ·This is such fun to watch. Notified my grandson in Oregon as he loves your Arctic Wolves

Sandra Schrougham I so look forward to your talks They are great. Thanks

april the giraffe photos

Nursing Time

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Karen Smith Love your video's and park Jordan. Feel a part of your joy every day. Love April, Oliver, and Tajiari! What a wonderful thing you are doing! Waiting to see how you developed your new land to join what you have already developed in these short few years. Love your staff.

Lee Grant Jones Thank you Jordan for sharing this with those of us who can't make it to NewYork

Cathy A Yurchak ·I wonder if Jordan leaves them out in the winter or does he house them

Rachel Crawford Thank you Jordan and Animal Adventure Park for all the educational videos you do. I learn something every time I watch.

Melissa Sharon I just want to thank Jordan i have learned so much from watching these and about conservation i appreciate all he has done i really hope one day i can visit i pive in Missouri and was planning to come this summer but didnt work out but wanted to thank you

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