Jordan, Alyssa, Corey and Lucas working late at Animal Adventure Park

Jordan, Alyssa, Corey and Lucas  at Animal Adventure Park


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Renee Waring Hi Jordan, Alyssa, Corey and Lucas! Thank you so much for all you do! Happy Holidays to all of you and your families.

Sharon Gaines Richert ·Merry Christmas from Kentucky. Thank you so much for the most awsome ride of a lifetime with Taj. Many blessings for all things great and wonderful for the park.
God bless.

Peggy Mills OMG you and your staff are so dedicated. God bless all of you and the work you do and the joy you have brought to so many people.

Lynn Smith Herwat ·Watching from going to try fora trip this next summer!!!! Are you selling the calendars? I'd love a signed calendar

Lynn Nichols ·Love the scarf, what's the name of the nice young man with you. Great to see you all and hope you are all looking forward to a lovely Christmas xx

Karen Smith ·Always so busy you guys! Thank you for signing calendars for everyone. Happy holidays to all of you. Thank you so very much for Animal Adventure Park.

Laura Rogers · I love you guys i want and to get there this year but it really want to and if only live in Johnson city NY but in a wheelchair and didn't know if you where wheelchair friendly

Anne Patrice  Thanks for all you do. Planning a trip next Summer. You are all a very special quiet moment to my crazy days. God bless you for what you do and thanks for all your updates.

Stephanie Fenneuff  Merry Christmas Happy Holidays hope to see you guys next year!! Can't wait to see your place never been to a Park as nice as yours

Alison Thompson Messick Didn’t realize Alyssa was a lefty. Hi guys!!! Can’t wait until next year when I can visit again!!! Merry Christmas 

Pat G. Marshall Merry Christmas to all of you at Animal Adventure Park. Loved that scarf with April, Oliver and Taj on it.

Karen Garvey Thanks for sharing Animal Adventure and its human crew with us all! Merry Christmas and Happiest of Holidays!

Susan Worden Can't wait for our trip to see you and the animals. You are an amazing establishment. Thank you for all you do

Denise Powell ·You are one amazing group! Enjoyed my visit this year! Love love April,Oliver,and baby Tajiri! Thank you for all you do

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Krisa De Buysere Bailey · Planning on coming to the park in June for my 50th bday and bringing my grandkids. Followed April, Oliver, and Taijri from the beginning. So very excited to come visit the park.

Chris Hartzell  Merry Christmas to everyone at AAP! Thank you for giving us all the wonderful experience of a little guy called Taj. Best wishes for continued success for the park.

Leslie Lovett Thanks, Jordan, Allysa, Corey and Lucas…what a pleasant surprise to see you all (working so hard tonight for all of us). Happy holidays and have a great Jungle Bells weekend!

Carm Leprotti-Amber ·Cannot tell you what a difference you made in the life of so many people around the world by starting the cam on April. I did get my scarf and it fits my round table and it is beautiful. Bless all of you!

Brenda Geist Austin  You guys are so AWESOME!!! Maybe one day I will be able to make the trip from ND to meet all of you and our favorite Giraffe Family! Merry Christmas to you ALL!

Linda Steinbrugger Glad to see Alyssa, Corey, Jordan and Lucas. Happy Holidays to all you and your families. Did you get a good pictures of our family.

Phyllis Cremonie Adams ·Merry Christmas to everyone at AAP. Thank you so much for sharing your Park with all of us. Love April, Oliver , & Taj. Enjoy the cam so much. Much success & happiness in all you do.

Janet Smith I told them in the gift shop in July that you guys need foam can coozies! I will order the first dozen when you let me know they are available!

Lisa Williams ·Jordan, a lot of people are interested in a community tree lighting. Is that something that Animal Adventure could do in the future?

Cassie Lynn Scalf OBrien I bet your hands are getting tired. Thank you for your autographs though. The fans appreciate making the calendars that much more special

Susan Mitchell  Thank you so much for the extra time for the video Jordan. Great to see my favourite people and also see some smiles again. Hope you have a great dinner.

Beth Moore Hello from New Albany Indiana my family and I love you all and April, Oliver and of coarse our baby boy Taj!! My kids make fun of me! Lol

Patti Sheel Chappuie Thanks for all you do and Merry Christmas to you all and glad Ava doing better. Miss seeing April, Oliver and Taj. Hope to see them again. Miss seeing them.

Brenda-Cabin Grant Boyd Merry Christmas Jordan, Alyssa, Corey and the entire Animal Adventure Park Staff!! Merry Christmas to Jordan Patch and family as well, especially lil Ava, God Bless you Ava!

Melissa Petty ·Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all. You are all awesome and thank you for all that you do at AAP. Many blessings being sent to you all

Bonnie Bear ·Animal Adventure Park thanks for the updates 
Can't wait to see you next Saturday for my second visit this year and hopefully get a season pass for next year
Thanks for everything

Cheryl Campbell · please dont get writers cramp….and great to see you all…*waving* to Alyssa, Cory and Lucas….ohhh yes and Jordan!

Teresa Johnson Y'all are just absolutely the best ever. Can't wait to get my calendar. Oh and I hope I'm the lucky winner!

Heather Marie Southern Tier native now in SC, used to shop at your Washington ave store! I love what your bringing to the southern tier!

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