Johnny Manziel Wants In On Buying The Carolina Panthers

Johnny Manziel Wants In On Buying The Carolina Panthers

Strippers, beer & cocaine in the locker room after wins!

With the Carolina Panthers being put up for sale by current owner Jerry Richardson following sexual harassment and racist allegations, numerous celebrity suitors have tossed their name in the hat to join P. Diddy’s prospective ownership group.


Johnny Manziel Wants In On Buying The Carolina Panthers

Johnny Manziel Wants In On Buying The Carolina Panthers

The latest? None other than Johnny Manziel.

According to, the former NFL QB wants in on the former rapper and current business man’s group to purchase the team, valued at upwards of $2.3 billion.

The report comes after another controversial, shunned former QB, Colin Kaepernick, tossed his name into the hat, announcing he work like to join the group.

NBA superstar Steph Curry has done the same.

“Johnny has money saved, he’s ready to become a business man, and he thinks being a part of the NFL ownership group would be right up his alley,” according to Hilton’s source.

Manziel is reportedly worth around $9 million, but his parents are said to be loaded and worth upwards of $50 million, if not more.

Perhaps the NFL will welcome Richardson back with open arms following these reports.

Viewers reacted:

Rick William Living in Charlotte, the biggest concern in this area is not as much who buys the team, but does said buyer intend to try to move the team?! And if so, to where, and will the other NFL owners approve it. I'd say it depends upon who the buyer is. Diddy can't afford it on his own, not even half actually, Manziel is basically bringing lunch money, and what, going to have to bring in several other people to do this? I can't see the entire league worth of other owners approving some romper room of "celebrities" turning owning a franchise into some kind of circus sideshow. I.E. Kaepernick being the first thing brought up……

Charles Michael Bemak I hope he buys them with his ZERO GM experience and makes the Panthers organization irrelevant for the next 10 years.

Christopher Kester No way is the old, dusty 31 other owners gonna approve this ownership group. Kaep would have to drop his lawsuite, Diddy would have to get bigger backers and in no way would they let Manziel anywhere near a ownership table.

Kevin Waco People do realize the other NFL owners have to approve whoever buys the team right?? There is no way in hell they would let Manziel or Kaepernick buy a team even if they could come up with the 2.5 billion it's gonna take…

Eric Moffitt By the way, who is Johnny Manziel to make jokes when the dude is about to be in the same boat as Tebow and Kap? And I'd gladly hire either QB before this failed imposter of a would-be football player.


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Michael Mace If anybody is dumb enough to think Jerry Richardson is gonna sell the team to Diddy or this piece of trash then I’ve got some ocean front property in Kentucky I wanna talk to you about.

Russ Armistead As a Falcons fan, I must say this entire possibility/scenario is great for the NFC south. I hope it happens.

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