Jaguars Fan Rips Bills Fans For Trashing Downtown Jacksonville, Rioting & Lighting Fires

Despite not having their team be able to squeeze out a win, Buffalo Bills fans made the most of their first playoff game in almost two decades Sunday.

The fans on the other team weren’t exactly thrilled with the aftermath. One Jaguars fan in particular took to Facebook to express the utter mess Bills Mafia left in their wake.

In all of my years going to football games I’ve never seen a more disrespectful fan base than the Buffalo Bills. They literally trashed downtown Jacksonville like I’ve never seen before. They’re rioting & lighting things on fire right now in the parking lot. All I have to say is, respect the town you’re in. Feel free to share this

Jaguars Fan Rips Bills Fans For Trashing Downtown Jacksonville, Rioting & Lighting Fires


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Viewers reacted:

Eric Williams I mean, it's gotta be hard to not make the playoffs for 17 years and then when you finally do you lose to a team quarterbacked by Blake Bortles.

Anders Sigurdsson Funny, not a single word of this on any news sites not even on Jacksonville’s local news sites….. I’m calling bullshit.

Nicholas Leone Coming from a bills fan these clowns are straight up idiots and that is embarrassing. But all
fan bases have them. Everyone giving them more and more press are just adding fuel to the fire. They will just keep doing dumb stuff to get on social media.

Matthew Pawley After the players protest many of the conservative fans left the NFL, many of the liberal fans stayed. They did the same thing when their presidential candidate lost so is it really a surprise?

Raul Brito It's the media's fault. They kept hyping up the bills by posting nonstop reaction videos like "Watch Bills after they learn they're going to the playoffs!" or "Bills send buffalo wings to…" thinking the bills had a shot. Their fans should've known better

Eric Bourke No opinion on Bills fans other than I guarantee they wouldn't act a fool like this in Chicago. As bad as our team may be the Chicago fans would Molly Wop these fools!

Dayne Wilkinson As a ravens fan i apologise for our team choking badly allowing the bills to sneak in you the playoffs and put on a show like that. Join us in the pit of misery bills…

Shawn Kramer I met a ton of bills fans today and they were all awesome. Jags fans and Bills fans were just happy to be there. This looks like a bonfire in a tailgating parking lot. Don't let a few morons ruin it for everyone else. The atmosphere was awesome by both teams fans.

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