Lastest Update on Henry the Hippo Cincinnati Zoo Today

Henry Update – Henry is still not 100%. He enjoys quality time with Bibi every day, but Fiona is a bit too playful for him right now. We hope to reunite the family when Henry is back to his old self.

henry the hippo cincinnati zoo

Henry the Hippo at Cincinnati Zoo


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Supporters react:

Betty Krause I hope Henry makes a full recovery….I hope we all make a full recovery and enjoy quality time

Karen Adams Praying for Henry's full recovery.

Camilla King is there any idea of what exactly is ailing Henry 

Phil Hosemann Feeling for Henry, right now, Mary.

Staci Nagy Hang in there, big boy. Lots of love and healing vibes are on the way.

Cheri Self Hope Henry gets back to 100% real soon!

Mary J. Rogers Prayers for Henry. Much love for our Hippo Dad.

Judith Rought Come on Henry you got two ladies to take care of

Donna Ttocsurt Poor papa Hippo. I hope he makes a full recovery xx

Beaver Denham Sure hope he feels better real soon.

Cindy Branch Come on Henry !! Get feeling better soon so you can be with your family

Hope Varnedoe Poor henry – what is wrong with him ?? — i hope he gets well soon poor guy ?

Nancy Warner Oh Henry…Please get well soon. We need the 3 of you back together.

Dawn Beazley Get better what is he doing how do you know he's not feeling good.He keeping his weight on.

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