April, Tajiri, Oliver the Giraffe Best Funny Story On June 16th

Is april the giraffe okay


April: Tajiri we have to talk!
Taj: (excitedly) Ok mama, what are we going to talk about today?
April: Your manners young man! (Gee we really need a middle name for you!)
Taj: Man.. man…manners? What are manners mama?
April: Manners are the way you behave around others!
Oliver: Yes son, you were very rude to Uncle Corey today.
Taj: Rude? What do you mean dad?
Oliver: Well, you kicked him and maybe hurt him. That was not only rude but also mean!
Taj: Well, I wanted lettuce and he would not give me any! (stomps foot)
April: Honey, you are still a bit young for lettuce. 
Taj: I am not! (stomps foot again) Auntie Allysa gave me some the other day! It was good!
April: She just gave you a nibble. 
Oliver: Maybe she did not let Uncle Corey know that you could have a nibble of lettuce. 
Taj: Well I asked nice at first. He kept giving you all the lettuce mama and I wanted some too! He would not give me any!
Oliver: Don’t feel too bad son. I don’t seem to get a lot of lettuce or carrots either!
April: Oliver! You know that is not true. They just don’t come inside your pen to give it to you. You think you can get everyone to feel sorry for you because they don’t see you getting treats. Well that won’t work!
Taj: I kept asking Uncle Corey for a bite and he would not give me any. And then he wanted to pet me. If he won’t share lettuce with me then I won’t share pets with him! So there!
Oliver: Son, you can just stop that attitude right now! You know your Auntie Allysa and Uncle Corey are your friends and love you. So does Mr. Jordan.

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Is april the giraffe okay

 April: Yes son. If it was not for them, we would not get any food, or get to go outside, or have this lovely barn to sleep in. We need to be thankful for our home and those who care for us. 
 Taj: But I wanted lettuce mama. (whining)
April: I know son, but we don’t always get what we want. I would love to eat lettuce all day long but I don’t get to. I only get lettuce a few times a day. 
 Oliver: Yes, the same goes for the carrots. We only get those when we go outside. 
 April: You will get lettuce and carrot treats soon son. Remember you are just 2 months old today. And look how fast you are growing!
Oliver: Why son, I think by this time next week you will be nibbling hay from our shared feeder. You almost reached it tonight!
Taj: (brightly) I know dad. I was within inches this time!
April: (sternly) Tajiri, you must NEVER kick Auntie Allysa, Uncle Corey or Mr. Jordan!
Taj: (sullenly) I know mama. I just could not help it. I was so mad. I did go up afterwards to Uncle Corey and told him how sorry I was and let him pet me. 
Oliver: That was a step in the right direction son! You could have really hurt him. We giraffes are powerful and our kicks can really hurt! Besides that, you tore his shorts and those cost money. 
 Taj: (shamefuly) Gee dad. I didn’t know. I am really sorry.
April: That is why you are still learning Taj. But you need to be careful about that temper of yours. You need to think before you act!
Taj: I am sorry mama. I will try to make it up to Uncle Corey. And I promise I will try to watch my temper and not kick.
Oliver: That would be a great idea son. Otherwise, you will end up like me where no one will come into the pen with me. That makes life so lonely. 
April: Getting love is wonderful so if you watch your manners and behave, you will get even more love and attention in the future! 
Taj: I will try to remember mama and dad. 

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