20th First Days With April the Giraffe – Animal Adventure Park

Day 11

April is looking great! She was monitored throughout the evening and around 3:55 am EST and again at 4:15 am EST, physical posturing and other activity observed would suggest we are close. Park staff was alerted by Night Watch and were on stand by. Things did calm down, however there continues to be a large amount of visible movement within April's body.

We encourage you to go to the Live stream and rewind to about 8:30ish am EST, when April begins to go outside. As she transitions outside, carefully watching her step, significant baby movement is evident on the right side. Enjoy those baby kicks!

Her and Oliver will both enjoy yard time today, but are kept separate due to April's condition. His rambunctious play for an extended period could have negative effects. Boys will be boys.

Veterinary observation will take place again today, as it does every day, to ensure all is well with mom and unborn calf.

For basic info and hot topic answers, view our Giraffe Cam on our YouTube Page and read the info/description area. This will answer many questions and debunk some odd rumors we have recently heard.

Enjoy the Live Cam today and stay tuned for our evening update.

April and Oliver both enjoyed time in their yard today with the warm temperatures.

Vet observation yielded no change, though there is not much more that can happen than having the baby! Physically, her belly is a bit raised and significantly "barreled out". Keepers report the possible loss of 1-2 wax caps from the teats.

April continues to keep her calm and easy nature throughout the process, as large and pregnant as she is. Staff will remain on site this evening for close observation. In the event of status change – we will immediately update our facebook page to send notification.

Side note: Please be vigilant of fake donation requests, fake live streaming channels (accepting donations). Any pages, posts, or projects of legitimate nature will be shared on our page here, by us

Supporters react:

Pamela Leffingwell LaBrake: When the hooves appear and she really is in "active" labor do you realize how many of us woman are going to be encouraging her and pushing right along with her ?

Jan Hunter: With all that's going on in the world this is so wonderful to watch! Like many people we've been watching for days and are getting quite attached to April and Oliver. We've also learned a lot about giraffes.

Heather Racine: Dear Extremists and Easily Offended, You all should consider living together on a remote island with lots of sand to bury your heads in. Your extreme views and your constant whining about how everything offends you is hurting the advancement of many things. Your opinions without proof are simply your opinions. Your opinions do not make you right. Please learn to leave well enough alone. Please know that YOU are not the only person on the earth and it does not revolve around YOU. If you don't like a show or movie, then simply don't watch it. If you don't like a book or an article, then don't read it. You do not have the right to cram your dislikes down our throats. You do not have the right to dictate what makes the rest of us happy or decide what gives us pleasure. P.S. All animals are not considered "naked", an animal giving birth is NOT pornographic. It's your twisted mind that makes it a sexual act.

Robin Carlson: I just tuned in when I got to work and was like "where is April?!" Thanks so much for keeping us updated. I'll be watching closely today (my boss is out of the office)

Marie Dennis Ford: My 7 1/2 year old granddaughter slept over. At 5:30am she woke me so she could see how April was. So many people young and old are watching this. Absolutely wonderful.

Lyn Martin:I was watching last night, and her tummy was doing quite a bit of moving, her stance and the activity suggested she was going to go in to active labor but alas she calmed and eventually laid down to rest, I gave a bit of a sigh and then went to bed shortly after, expecting to see a calf when I woke up but she did not oblige! I am so anxious to see this new little baby.

Ashley Wilcox: These updates are great! Thanks so much for including us. Our kids (including my daycare children) have been thoroughly enjoying the experience. We keep the live cam up on our laptop all day in the kitchen, and the kids periodically walk by to see how April and her progress are doing- such a wonderful and educational experience for them to have. Good luck on the hours ahead. We cannot wait to make a trip down this summer to meet April, Oliver, and their new baby.

Cendi Dahl Kegley: I've fallen in love with these two. April is so funny how she goes up to the camera and seems to make faces. She cracked me up this morning. Thank you for allowing us to join them on their journey.

Pamela Westfall: Out of curiosity, why do you breed animals to live in captivity? I understand rescuing animals and having them live in a sanctuary because of the dangers of poaching and habitat loss. But April has been in captivity for some time. Why do you continue to breed animals born into captivity? I understand this is her fourth calf. What have you done with the other three? I do not mean to make this a loaded question. I am genuinely curious.

Melinda Mendy Stuhlman: April stays on 24/7 on my bedroom computer, she is first thing I look at when I go to bed and the first thing I see when I wake up in the morning. I have so much time invested in April and I've also donated money. She has become a part of our family. I'm trying to encourage my husband to take a trip to New York from Texas to see her. I love that you have given us an opportunity to be a part of this amazing experience.

Michael Ostrowski: I wish the gift shop was available online so I could buy a stuffed giraffe as a gift. The stuffed animals look so cute in their animal park shirts. I sent an email and also sent a request via your form on the webiste as well. Just to make sure I'm commenting in the right place for this opportunity.

Laura Veale: Sending April love from Texas! Been watching for 2 days! You New Yorkers would laugh, but our whole office stopped and held our breath every time she had a #2 today thinking it was a baby giraffe! "Hoof or Poop" is now our new favorite game.

Megan Marie: Thank you for the update! Amidst all sorts of negativity and crud, you guys sure are a class act. We are proud to have you represent upstate NY.

Lauren Marie: You are going to get sooooo many more visitors this season! Guarantee you that it will break your record thanks to your sweet girl April! Animal Adventure Park if I lived closer to you I'd be there opening day to meet April Oliver and baby.

Linda Ceekay: Anxiously watching from Paducah KY! Is it just wishful thinking or has she reached around nipping at her sides more today? Just about 5 minutes ago she lifted her leg and reached under herself and appeared to be sniffing, licking or something! I was hoping to see hooves but no such luck.

Terry Lynn Worrell: My daughter laughs at me cause my life has revolved around April and Oliver and new baby for three days now..I watch all day and night..She says mom just google and see one b born .I told her it's not the same I have become a part of this baby's birth and I want to witness it and say I was cheering her on…I love me sum April and Oliver!!!!!! Thanks for letting the world b a part of this awesome birth.

Liz Ohnen Fry: Thank you for all the updates you post and I truly enjoy when she is being fed directly by the camera by her caregivers. This has been a joy to watch. My 3 year old grandson is enjoying this as well. Today is his Birthday and he is hoping for a baby giraffe for his birthday.

Laura Stidham: Been watching since Tuesday night and I have fell in love with giraffes. Thank you for keeping us updated on her progress and that you do at the park. It is so nice to see this on Facebook rather then all the political garbage that is on everyday. Waiting patiently in Boulder, MT.

Mary Lynn Monroe Kemp: God works in mysterious ways! After 30 days of nonstop angst over the future of our country and unsettling politics..this precious gift of a baby giraffe..it is simply miraculous to watch this mom and dad prepare…And less than an hour away from home! Thanks to the staff at AAP.

Day 12

Keepers have reported the continued shedding of the wax caps on April's teats, increased belly movement, and a bit reluctant to go into the giraffe yard.

Looks to be another warmer day so they will have the option of yard usage if they desire.

We did welcome twin Black Belly Barbado Lambs this morning about 7:45 am EST. Well, April, you're next!

Please remain vigilant of fake youtube pages of our video content requesting donations. There are also fake gofundme accounts requesting your support and also baby names. We have reported the fraudulent pages, as should you.

We will continue to keep you posted with any change in condition.

11:15 am

And THAT is why we cannot have the male and female together during this time of pregnancy. He does not want to play house — he wants to ROUGH house. That is natural behavior as males take no part in rearing their young, nor have a need for a female once she is pregnant. Sad but True.

I hope this will end the concerns, messages, and emails of "why cant they two be together". Trust us when I say, we do everything for a reason – and we know what we are doing.

The vet was In around dinner time this evening and reports milk has filled the udder and at least one wax cap has been removed and produced milk droplets during examination. The back end shows an increase in swell and visible color change.

The giraffes enjoyed their yard today in mild temperatures before severe storms hit the area. Cold temperatures and some snow has started to settle in the hills.

Continue to be vigilant and report fraudulent sites streaming our footage and reporting false information.

We wish you all a good evening and join you anxiously watching our big girl.

Fans react:

Patricia Riley McBride: I want to thank you for the live feed, the updates, and the care you give these wonderful animals. I hope you forgive all of us who are acting like meddling Grandparents. Offering advice when it's neither wanted or especially needed. Please try to take it in spirit in which it's intended (that people care about these animals) and try to ignore the clumsy or even obnoxious way we may show it. Thank you again for everything you do.

Shelly Perkowski: Thanks for the update! Animal Adventure Park I noticed she seems to be getting more restless, jerking of her entire hind end, and noticed the swelling as well (and tail raised a significant amount of time),! Fun to observe through the live feed. Excited for the little one to arrive

Nancy Slater Bennett: I looked at the giraffe graphic in front of the Giraffemoji .com banner and thought to myself, "Now why on earth would they put a toy giraffe on the floor of her pen?" Thought it was in the pen – not on the screen. I think I've been staring at her too long. LOL.

Tracy McShane: I work at a veterinary clinic (Canada) and propped up my galaxy pad in the waiting area. About 80% of my clients' comments were "OH! Is THAT the giraffe??" and then a hundred questions that I couldn't answer 😉 The other 20% were intrigued and were going home to get in on the fun.

Michelle McGowan Hilston: I also just want to say you guys are taking such excellent care of April she's a beautiful giraffe I Love Giraffes I can't wait I can't wait to the baby is born I have enjoyed these last several days watching it on the internet. Thank you for being such a great animal caretakers.

Connie L Bowen: I'm hook on this…I refuse to go to sleep or do anything… Thank you for giving us the live feed.. Please please keep the live feeds up for another week after the birth.. I feel like I'm a grandparent waiting for their grandchild to be born… I'm hook.. What can I say… And see the person feeding her and then kissing her .. I got tears in my eyes… Amazing.

Lyndsey Bradford-Dwyer: I literally feel like I have been monitoring a booty all day long. Annnnddd in the times she was just eating I found myself watching other giraffes give birth on YouTube. Another zoo better have another animal lined up for me to watch next. I tried to watch a gorilla give birth but the little baby looked like a hairy human and it freaked me out.

Donna Marie Wheeler: The tenderness just shown to April was so very touching. She certainly is in great hands! Been watching her pretty much since Wednesday evening. I'm totally in love with her. I'm captivated by this whole experience. Thank you so very much for letting all of us be a part of this miracle. I appreciate how the vet waved goodnight to us… they know that April has captured all our hearts. Sending lots of love from Newfoundland, Canada. Wishing April and all the care takers a great night.

Janice Stevens: You folks are phenomenal! Thank you for sharing this special event with the world. I'm on my 5th night watching. Never in a million years would I have ever thought I'd become so obsessed with a giraffe, but I've fallen in love with April and Oliver and can't wait to see their little one.

Kira Taormina: I loved seeing the the zoo keeper with her! You could really see the love! I have also noticed she keeps lifting her tail and looks like her tummy is tightening up. I'm hoping I'm not just seeing things and she will go into labor soon! I so want to see it live.

Judy Christel: When you reference a time, I would like to go backward on the Live cam timeline, but no "time" is mentioned. Does it show up for others? I am on an ipad mobile version of Youtube… Maybe that is the problem.

Animal Adventure Park: Depending on when you started wishing – the time would be different for every viewer — I am sorry, no easy way to direct you to it…unless you were watching real time. My time stamp message is for our documentation on other platforms.

Imminent by definition is exactly what is happening. We are in final stage, could begin at any time. Which of the 10000 news stations should we email first to tell them their wording isn't accurate?

We appreciate the support but if this live feed is causing you that much disturbance – I advise tuning out.

Day 13

April is alert and attentive to her keepers, she shows no signs of discomfort. You will notice on our live feed, a lot of positioning in her hips, belly movements, and stutter stepping. This could be attributed to significant movement of the calf inside…baby is big! Calves are on average, 6' tall and 150# upon birth.

An extreme temperature drop and wet/frozen conditions will keep the giraffes inside today. Rest assured, they receive extra enrichment and extra attention on days they do not venture out. A little extra bonding time! Tomorrow will bring warmer temps and some yard time again!

Please remember – we will not announce active labor until calf hooves are visible. Naturally, giraffes hide signs of labor – as to not alert every predator around, that they and a new calf will be vulnerable to attack. However, once we are final stages of the labor – the process is quick. Visible hooves- to – calf on the ground, can be as short as 30 minutes!

To dispel rumors and  fakenews,April is happy and healthy, she has not yet had her calf, there has never been a stillborn calf in her history, and last but not least – we do not know if, how, or when, she will EVER lay an EGG! (joke and mention for teamegg)

Have a great Sunday,and stay vigilant! See a fake YouTube channel or gofundme page – report report report. Saddens us to see people steal from you. Also – the fake you tube pages have chats – ours does not – we cannot control the content in those chats.


Today, 2/26, we will host a LIVE chat session on our youtube live feed page from 6 pm – 7 pm EST. This chat will have keepers and ownership involved and try to answer the many questions that you may have.

Join us on our Live Link (attached to this post) to take part. To weed out the nonsense, trolls, etc, this will be a Super Chat Session.

You will only be able to comment every 120 seconds. Though not required, those making contributions to the park through chat comment, will have their questions featured – as they will be highlighted and more track-able. This is a secure way to donate and/or get a question through for answer. We are no longer able to answer all emails due to sheer volume.

Evening Update:

The watch continues. April was notably less tolerant of veterinary examination today; her behavior suggesting her not as willing to be as vulnerable to touch, but Always a lady, she kept her manners. Continued increase in belly movement and backend swell remains the same.

Appetite remains and suggest we perhaps have a little bit more time; though she could surprise us at any moment.

Tomorrow will yield warmer temperatures and yard time for both Oliver and April.

April would like to thank mr president for her nomination to secretary of labor, as she is rather experienced, however will have to decline to appointment due to her hooves being full at the moment.

In all seriousness – active labor is not yet present – but we will surely tell you when it is!

Supporters react:

Tasha Greig: If she was due around mid Feb, how long would you leave her before vets intervened,  watching from Cumbria UK

Animal Adventure Park: Our time line was based on observed breeding…perhaps she didn't conceive first cycle, and did the next (17 days later)…. throw the due date we projected right out the window and let nature decide.

Jessica Heller: Animal Adventure Park I just wanted to thank you for all of your work! My son and I have been enjoying your park since your first day of opening. I was impressed then and I continue to be impressed with how well the animals are cared for. Not only are you steller animal park, but your kindness to patrons and willingness to explain animal behavior when we have visited have made our visits special! Thank you! My son and I look forward to many more years visiting your lovely park!

Stephanie Hart: She seems comfortable which is the sign i look for in my Cavaliers as they get close to giving birth. Calm no distress, let nature guide them until the right time…but keep your eye on them and be ready to intervene. Of course those babies are 5 ounces.. Aprils will be 150 lbs lol.

Animal Adventure Park: Might I make comment that you have all been pretty great on our page here…. the real headache are the endless emails we are receiving – the good, bad, and ugly….. Please refrain from any and all email…. we just simply cant do them any more – we have animals to care for and a baby on the way!

Samantha Quarterman: I wouldn't blame the wonderful staff who bring us the chance to witness something so special to pull the plug on this live cam because something that should be so special to be shared by all is being spoiled by the social media such a shame for the staff who are hard working , trying to not only please unappreciative members of the public but to keep an eye on a birth which could happen anytime now I feel sorry for the staff .

Dawn Brindley: I'm simply stating a fact. It's the wrong move… It doesn't look good. Instead of looking greedy, what was wrong with putting a post up so people could ask. Then pick out the better questions for the live chat. It would look so much better for them, I'm not the only one that thinks this.

Amy Harned: If you think that you could keep up with all of those questions coming in 1000's at a time, then you are a better person than every single person in the world. People were even posting nonsense statements just to clog up the feed. Please-just stop. They didn't have time to pick out the better questions, because they were coming in too fast.

Maryann Dickson: I want to donate ,so sorry am skeptical about this not that i dont trust but it hard to with the internet trolls. I just want to see Live Feed of video with April & Oliver , keepers caring for them .i especially love seeing them interact with each other and you guys. Ty for bringing this us to witness.

Natalie Ann Steele Wheeler: Her interaction with the young lady keepers tonight was absolutely lovely. So much love for both of them. Plus got see Oliver frolicking in his own, jumping around and u can tell they both get enough enrichment throughout the days when weather isn't so good. I Am falling more in love with your animal park by the day.

Kathy Smith Schmoldt: Will there be a support group 'Giraffes Anonymous' formed for those of us who have watched this beautiful animal for days and nights, neglecting our families and letting them fend for themselves, holding our breath every time April hikes her tail thinking hooves are going to appear, but she just poops again, shaking our heads at comments made by people who think she's going to lay an egg #teamegg, meeting new friends all over the World, learning everything we can about giraffes and how they birth, (who knew?), planning a trip to Harpursville sometime this year, making donations, and on and on…What a wonderful, delightful escape from all the political garbage. Praying and hoping all goes well for April, Oliver, and their new calf. My name choices: Patience or Unity or Miracle.

Cathie Jackson Dennett: It was a joy tonight to watch April's human interact with her.. about 8pm or so. I couldn't take my eyes off from them. I'll be up and down all night watching, I am sure.. And, tomorrow as the first day back from school vacation here in Maine.. people will just have to be tolerant of my haziness.

Judy Vick Smith Omgosh: That is hilarious!! But on a serious note I just want to say you guys are amazing!!! The young lady that takes care of April is one special lady!! So loving and caring and takes exceptional care of her and Oliver. Thank you guys for sharing this amazing act of nature with the world!! I honestly believe that with all the terrible things happening in this world today this is truly needed.

Jeannie Lakatos : Hahah you guys are funny!! But I watched earlier how she was being kissed and getting snuggles eating and playing with the handler Sry dont know her name but she is amazing with April and giving her love and attention.I admire everything your doing for her,she must be so uncomfortable right now.April…. baby will come when he or she is ready,so dont push if you dont want to ,take your time.I'll still be watching and waiting.Love to you sweet mama Thanks for saying hi in the camera your awsome.

Day 14

Keeper's report is all is well in the barn. April is eating breakfast this morning and body condition remains as day prior. Continued movement of baby inside, and big baby kicks, are noticeably obvious. Through the evening April had to find her right positioning to feel comfortable to lay down, which is evidence of continued growth and position change of the calf. Do not be concerned, it is natural and worked out by mom on her own.

Today will yield warmer temperatures from yesterday's flash freeze, allowing a little bit of yard time for mom, and of course time for Oliver.

Still no baby, we have not announced active labor, mom and baby are happy and healthy.

Today's picture is of Oliver and April's first time meeting one another. At the time, Oliver, a young 3 year bull coming of age, and April a very not pregnant 13 year old giraffe. Here we are almost 1 1/2 years later, waiting for their family to grow by one.

The park thought it had only one cougar (LuLu), until April arrived!

Continue to be vigilant and report fake youtube channels, that have stolen our feeds and also the donations of people.

Tonight, again, we will host a Keeper & Park Management LIVE chat on our youtube Page from 8 pm – 9 pm EST – though it may be extended longer with participation. It is a very quick and crazy environment but also a platform to show your support and also ask questions.

Have a great day, keep watching, and I will see you all in the chat.

April has us on our toes! then our heels, then our toes, then our heels! Major changes have been noticed in her back end, but from hour to hour we are see a different state. Our photo documentation looks very out of order, but its not. You will notice her belly is looking nice and tight – perhaps a bit raised. Major baby kicks continue. Appetite was strong this evening at PM feed, but touched little hay in the afternoon. The vet reported she was very needy during his exam.

Both giraffes enjoyed yard time today, though they preferred to stand in their doorways and gaze out.

Another black belly barbado lamb was born this morning!

Supporters react:

Melissa Hess Hammel I think the giraffe should be named Unity because it has brought everybody across the Internet together to watch it be born.

Summer Park: I'm so sorry there is so much negativity surrounding such a beautiful, natural thing. Your staff has shown such affection towards April. It's easy to see she trusts them, and to see the love they have for these animals. It's very reassuring to know that zoo's like you are helping rebuild the population of such a beautiful creature. Props to your zoo and staff! Praying for a healthy delivery and a healthy baby! GO April.

Liz Kosiba: I absolutely love checking in on Mama April during the Live feed!!!

It cracks me up when the camera captures her looking like a "Valley girl" chewing about 7 packs of Bubblicious® at one time.

Doreen Bilotto: Thank you so much for the updates. I have fallen hopelessly in love with April and Oliver. This is such a welcome change to watch instead of the madness in the world. Kudos to the keepers that show such love and gentleness to these truly regal animals.

Denize Halfpenny: Day 6 watching for me, I am loving watching here from Kent, UK. She really is the most beautiful animal such gorgeous face and I just love it when she moves towards the camera!! Looking forward to her imminent birth, just hope I don't miss it.

Elizabeth Duesing: Hey there! I am a reporter in Myrtle Beach South Carolina. There is a lot of hype about April. I tried calling the zoo but obviously you guys are in the off-season. Any chance there's someone we could do a phone interview with about her today? Please feel free to message me for contact information. Thanks so much.

Heather Henderson: So I just caught the funniest thing on the live feed – April's handler (Alyssa I think?) having a peek at her back end and throwing up her hands like 'come on woman, have this baby already!!!' – too funny! I love seeing the great relationship the two of them have, and it's so nice that we can all be on this journey with her. Thank you so much for allowing us to witness something so amazing.

Annie Sichley: I've been watching April 24/7 (except when I'm sleeping 😉 ) since last Tuesday or Wednesday morning. I have really learned a lot about Giraffe's in the last week. I am fascinated with their sleep habits and am amazed that they only require about 30 minutes per day. The shortest requirement of any living mammal. I'm also fascinated by how big they are (females-15ft & 1800lbs, males- 16-20ft & 2600lbs) and it's really obvious when a human enters the barn. I've also noticed that April is such a good girl. She seems pretty patient and easy going, even when Oliver comes in and heads straight for her food. She wants to rub on him and he wants her food. Typical boy, lol.

Bonnie Allen-Stearns: You people are wonderful, in many ways. One, giving us daily updates, so thorough and comforting. Secondly, in allowing us such an awesome opportunity to view our dear April and Oliver, soon to become a family, with the new little life, soon to be born. I pray for a healthy birth and calf, and delivery for April. She's become one of our family and it's so exciting, probably a once in a lifetime experience…thank you so much for coming into so many homes…you are great.

Sandra Fay Jones: You guy's are doing an awesome job, got my 4 yr old grandson watching now. He'll get up an ask is the baby here yet. It's so great to be able to educate him on this. We live on 18acs and he loves petting our horses. Going to take him to the zoo here in knoxvill tn this summer can't wait to see his face with all the animals there. Keep up that great things you all do there. Oh love seeing the lady last night play around with April that was grest. God Bless every one of you. Job well done.

Allie Marie: I am SO FREAKING SICK of the selfishness I see in some of you! The complaining of it getting answers to your questions and the complaining of being asked for a donation! It sickens me and those of you that are complaining should be ashamed of you! These heroes… yes HEROES should be commended! I would never ever expect my Doctor or nursing staff Who is delivering my child to stop and answer questions my friends and family are asking! Their Number one priority is the unborn child and myself. Now turn this around into the situation at hand! The staff is working around the clock to make sure she is cared for and monitor along with every other animal at that zoo! The care of them are first and foremost they do not answer to any of us and should not be required to and I don't care who any of you are you are not held to any higher standard! You bet your butt that they are in every justified right to ask for donations. Do you have any idea how much it cost to take care of these animals and pay the staff and the vets along with the medical bills???? For example back to role reversal… if my third cousin (who I don't know well) decided to pay ALL my medical bills I would expect the doctor or a nurse to answer a question. If that's the least they can do for a thank you than so be it! Can't you all see this is for educational purposes? Leave it at that… you can Google almost anything about giraffes! When and only when they do their Q&A forum keep the questions to a minimum pay attention and don't ask the same question somebody else asked forty time already these people have work to do! PAY ATTENTION! For God sake be grateful that they are even sharing this amazing event with us. Let these heroes handle the situation at hand, sit back, and enjoy watching them contribute to reestablishing the giraffe population that was once on the endangered list and no longer is because of these amazing zoos all over our AMAZING country! Focus on what's important people! They don't answer your question get over it. How about, if you're that inquisitive take your family and children to the zoo and ask them and support the zoo that way. As for now lets focus on what's best for April (NOT YOU AND YOUR QUESTIONS) and this beautiful miracle!

I'm sorry for the rant but I'm so sick of seeing selfish people! Animal Adventure Park keep up the amazing work! These animals are so in debt to you and so am I! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing such a special moment with my family and I. I have an unhealthy obsession with giraffes and this has been the highlight of my year! Thank you thank you thank you! Please get rest yourselves, you have ALL deserved it!

FYI! I love the name Diamond! It's Aprils birthstone, or if it's a boy Aries or Taurus as those are Aprils zodiac symbols.

God bless you all and the work you've done.

Naomi Samantha Scott: Glad she is doing well, thank you all for keeping us updated and allowing us to share this amazing experience all across the world. Myself, my sons (17years, 14years, 12years and 6years) and even my hubby are checking in throughout the day and night from the uk.

Alyssa thank you so much for all your hard work and waving to the camera every day, big hugs to you, april and oliver and especially to the baby when he/she arrives.

To all at animal adventure park a massive THANK YOU and hugs all round.

Yvonne Schulte Simpson: Well, finally, something much more interesting and uplifting than the rediculous political uprest in America. And it is taking one of God's many miracles to accomplish it……and a brilliant site called Animal Adventure Park, in N Y state, to pull it off by presenting it to the public. Totally educational, entertaining and brilliant.

Bernadette Dykes: I have watched this park for seven days and nights and april and the animals have superb care and love . april just loves the attention of the keepers. the park has brought people from all over the world together to watch this giraffe and its fantastic to watch.

Sarah Collins: I must say, I applaud your patience with some, er, not so friendly viewers who don't understand what all of you do for these beautiful creatures. It is evident that there is so much love from you to April and Oliver, and vice versa. And, let's be honest, if you weren't taking immaculate care of them, why would you set up a live feed for the world to see? Thank you, again, for sharing this miracle with all of us.

Animal Adventure Park: Thank you! I finally said that myself in an email today. If we were "cruel" we wouldn't let you watch.

Linda McCulloch Milling: Good Morning! I just woke up and checked in on April. I thought she was moving slower. Thank you so much for the live feed. I've been watching since Tuesday a week ago. They are amazing animals and so well taken care of. Can't wait for this mornings update. Oh I'm from Belmont, NC and it's so awesome to see all the places people are watching from.

Animal Adventure Park: Remember. We intend to go Facebook live also which will be the perfect angle.

Lindsay Griffith: Thank you for the regular updates. I think it would be incredibly cool if we got to hear a blurb from April's caretaker. I look forward to those visits SO MUCH, and the all too visible bond they share is ridiculously heartwarming. Any chance of her sharing her experiences with April and Oliver at any point?


is animal adventure park offline

April the Giraffe and Tajiri

Day 15

April had a good night and is as large as ever. Keepers have documented an evening of her sides. The calf was generally carried on her left side, but all has become proportionate. Activity remains normal, behavior normal. Yard time will be granted this morning once temperatures rise to a safe level.

The vet has brought in a fool proof tool to predict the exact date and time of the birth – however – it too will not predict those very highly demanded, by millions of people, specifics…"Cannot Predict Now" (humor keeps us going)

Enjoy your day, check in often! Though we may not have had a calf yesterday, that just means we are closer today!

Enjoy your day – and to keep the conversation of conservation going….Ask a stranger today about giraffes and share a fact with them.

Mid day check in:

April and Oliver are well! We have received frantic emails of a video of her birthing and laying on the calf. That is not the case. Our video feed, pinned to the top of our page, is the only sanctioned YouTube video use — stick with that and save us all a headache and some of the worry.

We are hoping to get the clothing store up by tonight!! The designs are great! Shirts, hoodies, hats, totes, even toddler and infant gear! Worth the wait.

Supporters react:

Kathy Johnston: Whoever was with her at 9pm last night clearly loves her job and both April and Oliver! It was so nice watching her interaction with them.

Charity Beardslee: Hoping today's the day. Its my 5 yr olds bday today and she absolutely loves giraffes. She wants to share her bday with the baby.

HeatherLynn Hughes: Never thought a giraffe would have captured my attention the way it did. Been watching for a few days now. Hoping today is the day. I think no matter what sex the calf is name should be Unity. This is uniting people on Facebook at a time when we are so divided.

Squil Thompson: OK I think I need help now. No housework has been done for 5 days now. I've not dared to sleep in case I miss anything! My laundry is piling up, we've run out of dishes to eat from and I don't care who is knocking on my door I'm too busy to answer it.

Gail Shedd Williams: There are a lot of things you can fix. The one thing that can't is stupidity. The one question I see the most is "Has April had the baby?', duh, do you see a baby giraffe? If people would take the time to read your posts, 95% of the stupid questions would go away! Again, "Thank you" for sharing April with the world.

Amber Martin: Watching from Italy. My daughter was born on this day 9 years ago. I think momma April is going to have her baby today too. Thank you for sharing April's story & allowing the world to witness it too.

Angela Renee: I predict "hooves in the chute!" soon…..a Mardi Gras baby!!! Gives new meaning to the phrase "Throw me something mister! Happy 'Fat Tuesday' from the South everyone. Laissez les bons temps rouler.

Jackie Chapman Truckell: That 8 ball is a classic she will have her baby when she is good and ready lol but I have to say the love and bond she has with her keepers is priceless and lovely to watch  much love from England.

Billie Reynolds: I want to thank her caregiver who gives us a good show every night. Love the entertainment and how much she cares about April and how much April cares about her. It was so fun when she brought the lettuce leaves up to the camera lastnight so we cold see April up close and personal. It's so cute how she waves goodnight to us so we know it's soon going to be lights out. I appreciate you sharing April with us.

MJ Reid: Who would believe that you could fit a giraffe egg in the palm of your hand? You can tell from the markings that this is April's eighth egg. The developing longpup will use the window seen in the second picture to peek out at the world, and April can use it to look in and check everything is okay inside the majestic egg.

Shonna Collins: Good morning April, Oliver and the wonderful staff!! Hoping today's the day, I'm exhausted from lack of sleep watching all day and night for days. Thank you for this opportunity and your staff is great. My family really loves watching the young lady in the evenings with April. They both seem to enjoy each other's company and much love between the two. Much love to you April from Kentucky.

Angela VanOstrand: With all you have going on #AAP , i really appreciate your updates and the fact that you are allowing us to be apart of this adventure with you all. I hope that you all continue to have the humor, passion and patience with everyone who tries to get you all down. You are doing a fantastic job with live cam experience. Thanks for Illinois… Going to try to plan to visit April, Oliver, and baby.

Janelle Foley Stone: I am hooked and in the watch for the long haul!!! Even check on her if I wake in the night! lol My grandson loved it when she was licking the camera last evening!!! Must have been while the vet was checking the 8-ball! Love the fact that she helps herself to Oliver's hay.

Jan Hayes: If you could just get her to lay on her back and dangle a gold ring tied to a piece of cotton over her belly – I think it would definitely help. Not with any prediction – but it would be fun to read a different set of questions and your responses. I've heard a rumour that she may be eating something spicier later? (apologies in advance).

Barb Dee: Day six on the April Baby Watch…Have phone, computer and TV all with YouTube going 24/7! Afraid to leave my house in case I lose connection on phone and miss a second of April and her devoted family of friends worldwide. For the first time in years, something positive is bringing the world together in peace and love…If that can happen for an animal, WHY can't it happen for the Human Race. Happiness is as simple as a giraffe awaiting her newborn calf…Simply beautiful, peaceful and loving. Thank you ASAP for your contribution to World Peace.

Bonnie Allen-Stearns: Patience, patience, I tell myself…my 7th day watching intently and loving April more and more each day..what a trooper she is, and will continue throughout…God & His nature is so awesome, and even more, the way He brings dear people, like yourselves, to allow us to experie5such a beautiful birth of this darling giraffe…thank you from the bottom of my heart…you, all involved in making this happen, are true blessings.

DeAnna Gray: I thought it was hilarious this morning! Oliver was in April's pen & the keeper kept opening the door for Oliver to go back into his pen. Oliver would take a step towards and then turn around. It was funny watching the keeper trying to get them in the correct pen. Like herding 3 year old children. Lol! Bless you AAP for your love and care (and patience) of these animals.

Holly Ennis: Thank you so much for the updates!!! Figured out how to stream on my TV last night. Mistake. Oh, well. LOL I didn't sleep much. However, things seemed quiet last night. When I did several spot checks (hence tired from lack of sleep because I am nosey LOL) throughout the night, I saw April laying down in a way that I haven't seen her do before. I truly impressed with the awesome care April and Oliver are getting! Thank you for allowing the world to be part of this. Heartwarming, heartwarming, heartwarming… Everyone is rooting you on April (From Upper Marlboro, Maryland, US).

Day 16

Babies babies everywhere! Just not yet in the giraffe barn. We welcomed twin Barbados lambs (again) today and a Patagonian Cavy.

April is well and is enjoying some early outside time before temperatures drop and storms move through later today into tomorrow. 
No major changes overnight.

We will be Facebook live at 8:30 to answer questions, introduce giraffe keepers, and address fraudulent sites that April does not approve.

Live Chat Announcement:

We will host another Keeper & Staff chat on our youtube page this evening from 8-9PM EST.

Questions will be answered as seen in the fast paced chat feed. Making a superchat comment highlights your question and can allow us to answer. Superchats are given priority, but not the only questions we answer.

The world waits on edge … and April smirks with a mouthful of cud. Not much physical change however, there is significant movement once again in the belly. Watch closely for strong kicks from within!
A cold front is moving in so, perhaps that will shake things up.

Keeper and vet reports document increased tail raising and holding, periods of increased movement/pace.

Supporters react:

Zoë Montague: Watching April and Oliver has given me a new appreciation for giraffes. They are so beautiful, graceful and majestic. They are quickly becoming my favourite animals

Mary Cafarelli: Have been a giraffe lover for over 40 years now! I have a large collection of anything "giraffe" from everywhere I go! Also, my loved ones never fail to bestow me with something giraffe related at every birthday and Christmas.

Diana Miller Queen:  Giraffes have always been my favorite, my kids nicknamed me a giraffe because of this noise I make and I have a long neck, so I got a small giraffe tattoo behind my ear 3 years ago, I love it and so does everyone who sees it.

Jessie Quail Zacche: Can we get some baby pics of the other animals at least since slowpoke rodriguez is taking forever to have her baby lol I'm in it for the long haul but how much more r we haulin here lol.

Trish Miller Turner : You don't have to explain anything to those of us who have faith in your great care and the awesome knowledge of April's vet team. My family loves Oliver, April, and their beautiful calf to come.

Sue Gillett: Really People??? Ya'll are critizing this park and the care of their animals because you can see or hear everything that goes on??? Get over yourselves and just enjoy these beautiful animals.

Julie Cartwright Hunt: Will you please run for President? Thanks so much for all y'all do in wildlife conservation…and using professionals and not relying on Google to deliver this baby. Lol. Watching from Dallas, Texas.

Lindsay Cole Ecker: I just saw April and Oliver smooching over the top of their enclosure…that's what got her in this condition on the first place!! Lol I think it's priceless the way she looks at him.

Joyce Maxwell: I really wish you would reconsider the post birth camera. Can you please leave the camera on after the birth so we can see our baby stand up? Would love to see mom when her baby is born and she watches it take its first step. PLEASE.

Sharon Thomas-Smith:Thank you all for taking such great care of these precious animals. Now I know where I want to come for my summer vacation. I have too meet April and Oliver now. This is an experience I will always remember and giraffes have always been my favorite.

Jennifer Giove: Did anyone else motice that around 4pm today, while she had her tail up, she would jerk suddenly? Then she walked around dropping poop like crazy and started wood chewing. Then there is that big pile of yellow near her dedicated hay bin. I think we might be close.

Sarah Fergione: After an excessive amount of research that should have been spent preparing for my stem cell engineering course tomorrow I've figured out a few answers to some questions about April's past babies, via old newspaper articles which were digitalized and such. April was born at Catskill Game Farm where she remained until it closed in 2006. At that time she went to Adirondack Animal Land where she had her previous 3 calves with a giraffe named Stretch. Her nickname at the time was Tiny. The calfs were born in July 2010 (male), November 2011 (male), and September 2013 (female named Autumn). She went into labor with Autumn at 10am and gave birth 30 minutes later on September 22, 2013.

Lorraine Horlock: Hi from the UK. I really enjoyed watching the live feed which here was this afternoon. April is a real poser as I'm sure Jordan was unaware how often she was staring at the camera! Just been watching her now and she does look a different shape tonight. Love to April and Oliver.

Nancy Luttrell: I really enjoy the bond between Alyssa and April. I saw this morning when the vet was in and April really did not care for him touching her belly. Tonight though April did not flinch as Alyssa caressed her belly. It is so clear that April trusts her. This is just so special to watch and calming to me. I have to also hand it to all of the zoo keepers and the people on the chat in the evening. I can't even watch the chat because it scrolls so fast and I get impatient with the repetitive questions, yet you all just keep answering the same questions over and over again. God bless you all for your kindness and patience with all of us. And a special thank you to Alyssa and Cory. Alyssa I know this sounds silly but when you wave to us I always wave back to you. I care that you take the time to acknowledge all of us. It is appreciated.

Sandra Dafoe Dear April .We have been watching you faithfully for about 5 days now.

My granddaughter has requested you give birth tomorrow as it is her birthday. She desires to be a wildlife veterinarian when she grows up and is loving watching you and learning about giraffes.

Thank-you for considering her request … will be awaiting the arrival of your baby.

Jocelyn Marie Wood-Rothanburg: I being a handicapped individual not all zoo's are handicapped accessible especially wheelchair bound as I am at times so I was wondering is your park handicapped accessible? Would you be willing to do a handicapped day at the park if so?? Cause I have April and Oliver on in my home 24/7 its the highlight for me I have convienced my husband I must meet April she inspires me odd cause I am a owl and wolf person So I want to make the journey from Minnesota to New York souly to meet her.

Debbie Collins:Thank you for the awesome love and care you give each "family member." We have so much to learn from these animals and thru your dedication and hard work we are getting a glimpse. I've been wondering if April was born in captivity?

Brenda Conn Correll: I am so impressed with your Park and the obvious love and care you give to all your animals. I'm from Texas but if I could I would definitely love visiting your park. Thanks for all you do to keep us informed and for the live feed to April's big moment to come.

Sarah Kerr: It was so nice to see you, Allyssa and Corey! Can we meet Mrs Patch and Little Miss Ava too? You are all such amazing, kind people. I love how 2 beautiful giraffes have brought the whole world to your little zoo family! Love from London UK.

Kathie Nelson: Thank you for the updates! Waiting patiently with the rest of the world for this new baby to arrive! Keep up the great work and the dedication it takes to be responsible for all of the zoo animals. If it wasn't for your dedication we wouldn't get the opportunity to see things as awesome as a baby giraffe being born! What a great job to have …working at a zoo….PRICELESS.

Cindi Bell Cooke: HUGE low pressure front moving through during the overnight hours tonight. I wonder if low pressure fronts effect giraffes the way it does humans? The number of humans going into labor/delivering increases when low pressure/storm fronts come through. Low pressure system means a lower barometric pressure. A lower barometric pressure has an effect on water. So it stands to reason that a lower barometric pressure would have an effect on a pregnancy when the uterus is stretched and filled with amniotic fluid. Essentially, the amniotic sac is a water balloon and when pressure on that balloon lowers there’s an increased chance it will pop . I betcha late tonight or very early in the wee hours of the morning we will see evidence of the little one dropping into the world.

Deb Libert Nackers: Thank you so much for sharing April and Oliver's upcoming birth with us. I think most of us understand that these things happen in their own time and you have had the camera up and running to be sure we didn't miss anything. Your giraffes are beautiful which is a testament to the wonderful care they are given. Could you please tell me what kind of giraffes they are? Thank you.

Sandy Daugherty Pemberton: I guess one reason everybody is so anxious for the baby is because the news has put on Facebook "April could give birth any time now". So every time she raises her tail or does something different I think – this is it! Thanks for all the good care you take of her, I knew she had food and water, I was never concerned about that. I am sure anything she needs is being provided. I like to watch her when her door is opened, she looks out but will not go totally outside, when Oliver's door is opened – she looks out that door too. Have really enjoyed and will continue to enjoy this experience, a miracle of nature.

Samantha Glennie: I've looked at the butt hole of a giraffe for a whole week. I'm malnourished and dehydrated…. my dog is turning fat because I just can't stop watching and hes being neglected. I know April's bowel habits, I know how many spots she has, I know her routine. Please April for my own sanity have this baby soon.

Debbie Chitester: Alyssa is amazing with her. What bond. April's vet got within a few inches of her belly and she flinched and would not let him near it. Alyssa touched her and rubbed her belly and April was very ok with it. Such trust. You should be proud of what you do.

Laura Winograd: It's kinda funny I've been watching since last week. Several family members laughed, but wouldn't you know it they all now keep asking…..did April have her baby? And I've even caught them looking on too.

Natalie Steiner Carter: Tonight the interaction between April and Alyssa was heart warming. The world needs more Alyssa's. She is obviously very special and very trusted by April. All of the keepers and vets do an amazing job, however, Alyssa and April are bonded and you can see it in both of their faces. I really can't wait to welcome the baby to the world and I am so glad to see some unity and positive comments on Facebook these days. I really believe what you all have done is unite a lot of people and gave us something positive to look forward to. You're helping to educate so many people on many levels. So thank you for sharing April with us. And Alyssa you my dear are an amazing animal caretaker. The belly kisses and baby kicks were an awesome experience to watch. I can only imagine how that was in real life.

Lara Reuter Manche: Diary entry day 10. I believe I have lost touch with reality. I know the regular schedule of a spotted, 4 legged, tall beautiful girl named April, of whose bum I have been watching diligently. I have been told by some 2 legged people, of whom they say are my family, that i need to snap out of it. I do not recall that ever happening, except I think it may be possible as they have been around the house for quite some time. Although I don't know how it could have happened, I find myself wanting to push to lay an egg. It seems the universe is off balance and hope that tomorrow brings answers.

Ryann Martin: My 4 year old daughter received a very special birthday phone call from Geoffrey the Toys R Us giraffe today (Toys R Us Birthday club) and is completely convinced it was actually April the pregnant giraffe that called lol. I tried to tell her that real giraffes don't make phone calls, but then I figured, what could it hurt. Dream big little girl.

April Rohrer: Anyone else notice the heart shaped spot on her side ? I know I'm not the only one that knows every spot and has started walking slowly around the house thinking about her. I've found myself eating, taking a few steps, pooping, taking a few steps, eating some more, and gazing. I've got the 15 second attention span going for me too right now.

Holly Clayman: I know you have gotten the back side of the giraffe cam impact. The emails at 3 am. The calls. The questions. That goes with the job I guess. But I hope you also know the impact this has had on individual lives. The one that made me realize the true meaning April and Oliver were for people was the mom, with a small daughter in the hospital having leukemia treatments. These two beautiful creatures were giving this child something else to focus on. So for that little girl and that mom, April and Oliver are priceless. I hope someday they can come visit the park. Thank you for what you are doing. You are a great bunch of people.

Melissa Presciutti Patrick: I am jealous of Alyssa! What an amazing bond. I am obsessed with April. I sleep with the video going next to me on my phone and I check on her through the night. Sadly – I even pet her through my phone! Haha my family is making fun of me.

Tina Maria: This has been such an amazing experience and chance to bond with my two daughters. They have so many questions about the giraffes and my own experiences with each of their births. I've enjoyed every minute of this and we are already planning a summer road trip to the animal park! Thank you for bringing a touch of sweetness to the world, we sure could use a little.

Tonya Farrens: Animal Adventure Park I was happy to capture a quick (slightly grainy yet precious) pic of Alyssa kissing April's belly. If you want it, holler and I will get it to you. Thanks for all you do. This is such an extraordinary experience to participate in.

Day 17

We were battered with storms and high winds last night. April is well and conditions remain the same from last evening. A lot of behavior that had us on our toes but no acknowledgeable active labor at this time. The photo shared today is from a fan. The shots are a week a part! Her growth is perhaps more noticeable when compare like this versus day to do. There is no doubt momma and calf are progressing and growing.

April is – without question – growing! Keepers were able to get hands on the belly and make "contact" with baby! April appears a little more on edge – but only in the sense of not being as "lovey" as usual. However, that didn't stop a selfie between Allysa and April!

Guests of our park get to take these on a standard visit – our interactive educational approach gets you up close and hands on with our animal ambassadors.

We welcomed another baby today; born about 1:00 PM! You are welcome to guess the species in the comments section

Thank you – have a great night – and we will announce that new baby with a photo during the morning report.

Supporters react:

Barbara Baughman: Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to update us. We all appreciate it very much. My husband comes home everyday from work and asks me if April had her baby yet. Too funny.

Joanna Miller: I was watching last night when your worker was in with her. She was rubbing her belly and even kissed her side. I thought that was so beautiful. She is in such good hands.

Cathy Blain Godin: Isn't' social media GREAT!!! This is exactly what it should be used for. You have brought people together from ALL OVER THE WORLD! You have brought awareness to not only Giraffes but to all the animals at your establishment. Your establishment has been thrown into the limelight and you've handled it with grace and dignity. Kudos I hope that Animal Adventure Park has an influx of visitors for many years to come. Thank you for your daily updates- this certainly has kept many of us entertained. Now April…… hurry up and have the baby. We are waiting on Pins and needles.

Tiffany Angel Bragg: Okay, so I've been doing some reflecting on my life in the past 7+ days and the reality is…I have spent waaaay more time staring at the lady bits of a giraffe than I'm comfortable admitting. Sooooooo…I came up with what I feel like might be a reasonable solution to speed this whole birthing process along. Remember the commercial with the dad who's standing there eating doritos at his wife's ultrasound, and he starts teasing the baby with a chip? May not work with doritos, but if we send him in with some romaine lettuce…have him wave it around April's backside? Yeah…let's send that guy in…see what happens.

Diana Cardona: Thank you for updating us!! She seemed restless last night…I've been so much on my toes I could be a ballerina! Just installed apple TV at home so we could have her on the big screen!!!. Thank you for all your hard work and educating the world on giraffes.

Susan Shiebler: Like most everyone here I have been following this for almost a week. What amazes me so much is all of the women here from every walk of life and all over the world sharing, literally bonding and commenting together. (Not that men don't care they just ask for updates in between calling us crazy!) Proves how much we women have in common as nurturers, caregivers and how we love the prospect of new life. (And baby he/she will be so adorable too!) So here's to April, Oliver and their amazing handlers and here's to the single women, daughters, sisters, mothers and grandmothers everywhere who love them! Have no guilt about time spent here… it's just reveals the reality of how truly supportive, loyal and amazing we as women truly are.

Valerie Turnage: We have extremely high winds in Virginia right now too. I was starting to panic though with no update…LOL!!! Sad I know but I'm hooked and in for the long haul now. So thankful for your hard work and efforts they are greatly appreciated by so many of us!!! Can't wait to welcome that baby.

Jennifer Eichler Clifford: My husband started out making fun of me, but, then, I'd catch him watching over my shoulder. Then, when I was getting ready to go to bed, he said… Hey, email me that link to the live stream, in case I get up during the night. Now, he wakes me up in the morning, saying, no giraffe baby yet.

Tammie Means Saddler: Oh for goodness sakes people! Knock off the cat fights. It doesn't matter who asks what questions and if it's asked a million times.Everyone is excited and as someone said not all are tech savvy. Be kind to one another. Please. This is about the upcoming birth of one of God's beautiful creatures. Enjoy it. If you have a question ask it. If I were a new watcher I wouldn't know how to navegate the pages. So please be patient and kind.

Jennifer Harvey Smock:  As a giraffe ambassador at our zoo I have a great great GREAT fondness for these majestic creatures. I have been glued to my phone, computer, and tv. You guys have created this amazing awareness and we are getting sooooo many questions. People are intrigued and actively wanting to learn more and it's so awesome to see. Numerous people have stopped by our boys and asked if we've been following April. Thank you thank you thank you!!!! You all are amazing.

Karla McGuigan: I so agree with the comments here, April has become part of a worldwide family. Brought together by social media; because of their love of animals like April. This is a strong message for many reasons. Thank you so much for sharing your park and April with the world.

Patti Robinson: Thank you for your live feed yesterday answering questions. It is so obvoius of the love she gets from everyone. I can tell in evening when it is getting close to 9:00 as they both get restless waiting for their treats and "Alyssa Love".

Misty Day: Thank goodness for April and animal adventure park! My children (my whole family actually) have SO much more knowledge about this beautiful animal and the wonderful things y'all are doing there. I have the YouTube feed on my bedroom t.v. 24/7. My 4 year old crawled in bed with us last night and I woke up to her watching April. In a year that has been filled with hate and politics etc, this has really been something special to be part of. My personal special thanks to teamEgg for making it pretty hilarious too! It's unfortunate that many don't get it as a silly joke, and even more unfortunate that people pretending to be #teamEgg are ruining the fun. This world could really use more love, unity, and laughter. Keep up the awesome work! Hope to bring the family to see y'all in person soon!

Renee Fleury- Harris: I just want you guys to know that my husband is in Iraq and when he calls the first thing he asks is how April is doing! He says that she is even a hot topic with the troops over there! I am emailing screen shots everyday so they can keep up.

Andi Wofford:  How tall is April?

Animal Adventure Park: 13-14'

Jody Yagar- Gravelle: My name is Jody and I'm am April addict !

I can't get enough …

I have let myself go …

I am not enjoying the things I used to enjoy such as Netflix

I know sitting here glued isn't good for me yet I can't resist the temptation of checking , checking again , and watching . I know I shouldn't be getting up at 3am to indulge once more …. But the temptation is just so strong and so real …

Sooooo…. Will there be an online 12 step program for is April Addicts offered soon

Veronica Plain: Alyssa has a heart of gold and such a sweet touch with April! I love watching her go in and rub Aprils sides, kiss her belly, nuzzle her. So sweet. My heart is full when I see such love between caretakers and animals! I pray April has a quick delivery when she's ready and thank you Animal Adventure for allowing us to look in.

Roberta Thomas: Watching the interaction between April and Alyssa just made my day! You can see and feel the love! Thank you for keeping all of the April fans updated each day. I know that you are busy caring for all of the animals and getting the Park ready to open soon and I do appreciate you taking the time to keep us informed. It seems that there are many of us addicted to this Giraffe.

Alisha Norwood: I live about 1/2 hour to 45 minutes from Animal Adventure Park and I must say this place is amazing. We visit every year more than once. April and Oliver are so gentle and friendly. They love carrots and are the highlight of the park. The staff have always been so caring and wonderful. When you visit here you get to do a lot of hand on with the animals. We are never let down when we visit. Thank you to Animal Adventure for all you do for these animals, our community and for showing that amazing things do happen in the little towns of Upstate N.Y. Oh and maybe you had little goats, piglets, perhaps a wallaby?

Liz Bollinger: I hope Alyssa is asked to appear on talk shows..she will surely get standing ovations. This country has fallen in love with her as much as April! I hope she has children of her own! She's amazing…a love we all need to have in our lives. Take a bow alyssa! Hugs.

Angie Halley: She deff seemed to be on edge tonight. Wondering if there are still storms in the area. I also noticed Oliver stressing as well. Maybe from last night storms. Either way they are both very happy and healthy. Just waiting very impatiently for April to have that baby!!! Lol I got some fantastic still shots out of tonight's up close and personal camera feeding time lol thank you all.


is animal adventure park offline

Tajiri the Giraffe

Ellen Taylor: White Was watching when Allysa was taking the selfies tonight and hoped one would be posted. Am so enjoying this experience! Do you folks have a go pro camera Allysa could wear some night when she is in the stall with April? That would make an awesome video to share. 

Day 18

Evident to our overnight viewers, April changed some of her behaviors overnight. Moving in different patterns, choosing new spots to stand and sleep, and even going off her usual sleep routine (recognizable to our loyal viewers). Why? Could be many reasons. Continued increase in belly movements. Keeper reports this morning suggest all observed physical signs remain unchanged and on the positive.

The weather has robbed us of the warmer temperatures we have been receiving, and brought snow and ice. This creates a slip fall hazard for the giraffes, so they will remain indoors today. This will mean increased enrichment, training sessions, and attention from our team. Any days our giraffes are not able to have yard access – our Plan B enrichment program takes over to keep their bodies and minds happy and healthy (stimulated).

We welcomed a baby cria (llama) to the world yesterday around 1:00 PM. He has done well, along with mom, and has been moved indoors to avoid the drop in temperature. This is our first llama birth on site; though we have had alpaca in the past. So congratulations to Rasta Llama and his lady Sweet Pea on the new little boy. (every animal has a name).

Have a great day! Talk Giraffes with a stranger!

Not much change to report. Continued belly movements! Back end remains quite large with visibly pink coloring. No significant reports from care staff or vet.

The cold has taken hold! Oliver and April enjoyed a lot of extra attention today with many media guests – which always means treats! New York City media outlets; NBC and The NY Times. To think we were 70 degrees a week ago, with the giraffes out in their yard! Will be another day or so before conditions are safe again.

Supporters react:

Sandra Jensen Kanner: Animal Adventure Park- as we found out yesterday from Renee Fleuy-Harris that some of the troops in Iraq are watching and waiting for April to give birth, it might be nice to let them name the baby??

Christina Bell: I know many who are deployed so please don't assume I don't care about those who serve in the military. I'm just thinking that is not about the military, this is about April having a baby. This is an event that more then just the military are watching, this is something for the public, even for those outside of the U.S. This is why it should be shared with all, and a contest for baby naming should also be shared with all.

Paula Theobald Coulter: Thank your son for his service! I appreciate his service and sacrifice, and Inthank YOU for raising such an awesome son and for your sacrifice and service! May Zgod's shield of armor protect him and all our troops and guide direct and protect them until they are home again.

Terrie Goodwin Wright: The movement of the baby was So Different and Increased last night….I kept getting up off and on all night to check on her!!!! I feel like I'm waiting on a Grandchild to be born!!!! LOL Have a Great Day At The Park…..Come On April….the world is waiting to meet your New Baby.

Valerie Parton: For those wondering what to do after April has her baby, might I suggest Monterey Bay aquariums live feeds. The aquariums are very serene, and they have a bird and otter cam also. I wish more zoos would do live feeds, I can't get out much, so they help me enjoy things I would never see.

Debbie Arceo: How cute is that new baby. I just want you to know I am now planning a trip to your park. I love all of this. I live in California but I am going to plan it. You see my husband died a few months ago from cancer and watching April and Oliver wait for this baby has brought me joy and taken my mind off of the sadness I have. I now wake up to check on April and see how she is doing and instead of crying all the time I watch her. I want to thank you for that. I think your staff is awesome. It is funny because I am a Labor and Deliver RN and I sit here thinking she is not in labor yet but watching her baby move is nothing short of awesome. Thank you for giving me a bit of joy and happiness. Trust me I needed it. God Bless you all.

Amanda Ripa: I must agree with everyone. Having April to check in on now and then is just bliss. The purity of simply watching such a beautiful animal,let alone the progress of a new life being created..Simply a perfect escape from our crazy world. Hey maybe once Baby G ( my name for the baby for now) is here , you could rotate a live feed around the park as other momma's get ready to have babies? Or even just share a video or two more often.

Lauren Marie: Omg how sweet is the baby llama!!! I love this page! Thank you for all you guys do!! Can't wait to meet April's baby!! I like the name lucky if it's born around st Patrick's day! But I'll definitely be voting!!! I noticed April's increased tail swinging last night as well as her sitting down earlier then usual. Hoping to see a baby giraffe soon!!! Come on April you can do this.

Pam Anderson: I was telling the cashier at Kroger all about April and Oliver and their little expected baby! By the time I left, she wished them well and said she hoped April has her baby soon. This has been a great distraction from politics and all the mean people.

Victoria Warren: Congratulations on your new additions to your Zoo! Your Zoo seems to be a wonderful place all the animals having babies! Every picture looks like you really care for your amimals!! Maybe you should have a baby animal link to show off all your babies! April the giraffe is wonderful. I would like to see them all!! Great job and keep up the good work caring for all your animals.

Mary Lou Gaucher: Ok, how many of us wave back when the keeper waves? I do every time! Oliver has been a bit rambunctious tonight. Night from Maine.

Becca Rinehart:

Oy….C'mon, peeps…!!!

  • AAP does not know "how much longer" until she will give birth. They have no specific due date. No, she has not "been in labor for weeks…" Active labor is when hooves show. They ESTIMATED a due date, but admitted they may have gotten it wrong as to when she actually got pregnant, and could be 2-3 weeks off. They NEVER said she was going to give birth "at any moment," the MEDIA did. Thus, creating this frenzy.
  • Both Oliver & April are loved, and taken care of equally. Both get their stalls cleaned, but at separate times. Oliver has to be cared for with caution; he is a young, aggressive bull. April is a vulnerable, pregnant Mama, which makes it "easier" for the handlers to be with her more often. April may get more treats but again; likely because she needs more nutrients. I assure you, Oliver also gets treats, and is clearly thriving.
  • Oliver may seem antsy, and I'm sure they both have cabin fever. But with the weather, they simply cannot go outside, for their safety. Also, there has been A LOT more action around there lately, which adds to the buzz in the air; I'm sure they both pickup on that, and react accordingly.
  • April is not hurting the baby when she lays down (I feel like this goes without saying – didn't you lay down when pregnant???!). Of course she has a hard time getting down – she's carrying a 150lb/6 ft baby!!!! They have pads under the shavings; but most of the time, she's doesn't even want to lay on them.
  • No, her water hasn't broke – she's peeing!!
  • Baby is fine – you can clearly see it kicking the crap outta her belly! 😜
  • We will be able to watch her birth – no, they won't intervene unless absolutely necessary.
  • Baby will be fine when born – giraffes birth standing up. The fall serves a purpose; it breaks the umbilical cord, and ultimately forces the baby to take its first breaths.
  • Baby will stay until weaned, but no, it will not, and cannot stay. This is because they cannot allow incestuous (sp??) breeding, not because AAP is heartless.
  • They have water, their stalls are big enough (actually some of the largest there are)

Let's just sit back, take a breath, CALM DOWN, enjoy the process, and be THANKFUL that AAP is even allowing us to witness this!!! We're all anxious, of course, but AAP are the experts here, and clearly they know what they're doing.

(P.S. – as the ever so charming Charlene felt the need to point out, obviously these aren't MY facts; clearly I am NO exotic animal expert. These are simply the most-common freaked out about, and questions asked over and over and over again, so I just re-posted their answers. I am in no way attack people; just simply hooding to stop the spread of some crazy rumors, and maybe discourage those that are in a panic, from bombarding AAP with unnecessary emails). Please feel free to add your own answers to some commonly asked questions/misinformation you've seen floating around. Maybe we can help AAP out with dispelling some rumors – we know they've gotta be exhausted! THANK YOU, AAP for all you're doing!! Happy watching, everyone.

CarlnKathy Swadley: Who would have ever thought simply putting up a video cam of a pregnant giraffe would have brought such world wide attention! With all of the bad things going on in this world, it is wonderful to see everyone coming together to witness one of God's amazing creations! Thank you Animal Adventure Park for giving us this wonderful opportunity.

Teresa Marrison-Bullis: So I just watched one of the above video's taken on Nov 3 (barn winterizing), It shows the entire barn, which give you a great perspective of how big the barn is. But, in that video he says that once the birth starts to happen, he will cut away when the baby drops, check the baby and then bring the video back afterwards. I realize this was over 4 months ago and they had no idea how many would be watching now. Animal Adventure Park, do you still plan on doing that? I for one will be very disappointed if that happens.

Casey Wallace Booram: I am away from my home, caring for my mom as she passes away (we only found out there was a problem 2 months ago!). The Giraffe Cam has been such a wonderful distraction. Even when I wake up in the night I HAVE to check in on her. I can't thank you enough for doing all of this, and STILL doing it despite all the crap that certain people are throwing at you. You are all wonderful people. Thank you.

Joyce Nochta Cladek: I saw the pictures being taken earlier this afternoon. Saw flashes and thought the live cam was going down, then saw the guy snapping pictures of our girl. Just saw Corey trying to sneak a peek at what's going on with April. He tried to sneak around to get a look but April was on to him! I thought that was funny. Night April, rest easy tonight.

Rebecca Bennett: I love watching april and oliver but have a concern about oliver. At night we all see the keepers come in and feed april treats, while oliver may get one. They clean up aprils stall but i dont see anyone in olivers. I see the shared feeder and oliver eating but hes very ancy and needs attention too.

Robin Creager: Is anyone else wondering why April is stopping and standing still and lunging out. I would swear its labor pains because you can almost time how long she will stand that way. Her tummy is really moving when she is still like that. I was hoping tonight's report would say it wouldn't be much longer. I have noticed a change in her all afternoon especially right before feeding time. Hopefully tonight.

Renée Holiday-Garcia: I finally realized why April and Oliver may not be as comfortable with the other keeper's as they are with Alyssa. Alyssa is methodical in her movements. The young man tonight seemed to move a lot faster, almost rushed. I understand he's relatively new to this, but just like with women, slow and steady wins the race. You can't rush us and expect us to respond.

Laurie Grove: Oh my dear sweet girl! Watching April lay down brings back so many memories of the last month of my pregnancy! I feel her pain…I remember passing my due date and wondering 'will this baby ever come'. I see the cautious way she moves as she starts to lay down and that final 'plop' as she gets to that point of no return!!! God bless this sweet beautiful animal. Everything in time lovely girl.

Karen Strack James: I've been watching for over a week, seems like every free moment I have I check in to see how April is doing. What time did Oliver have his episode? If any of us see something special, maybe we should put the time it happened in the comments here, so others can rewind the video and enjoy it as well. ( I've seen a couple of mice scoot across April's pen last week but didn't think to note the time then).

Day 19

Pregnancy belly has never looked so good! Move over Beyonce — there is a new bump in town!

April, as many of you observed, had a good night but very active. A few times, she appeared to perhaps contract, but we cannot confirm that was the true reasoning. We must remember a 6' 150# baby is performing acrobatic routines inside! Keepers report she has a large appetite this morning, and is enjoying morning treats.

Blistery cold temperatures, snow, ice, and wind will keep Oliver, April, and many of our other animals in safe spaces today. Temperatures will be rising in the coming days and warrant yard time and yield sunshine! Remember – inside days mean extra love and treats and enrichment to keep everyone happy.

Supporters react:

Elisa Davis: Every time we pull up the live feed, my three year old asks if the baby is coming yet and when I tell her not yet she says "waiting is HARD" and starts singing the Daniel Tiger song about waiting. At least it's a good life lesson for her.

Julie Salvesen Snow: Omg ! I love watching April be naughty with the hay from the shared feeder! It cracks me up every single time. I was laughing so hard this morning when she had half of it emptied to her stall floor in 2 seconds flat! Haha! Then watching Oliver peek his head over and look at all the hay on the ground made me laugh even harder. I seriously love these giraffes.

Kasey Joyner: Witnessed a precious moment this morning. April's keeper was in with her saying good morning and that majestic creature laid her head right on the keepers chest and got a little ear rub and kiss. The keeper then walked around and gently stroked her belly, then kissed it. It just warms my heart that she and little one are so loved! On baby watch in Nashville TN.

Debra Hendricks: I don't know who is writing your Mama April updates but the writer is great! They strike such a nice balance between education, humor, animal husbandry and even weather forecasting. Kudos to the writer (writing team?) and please know that you are much appreciated.

Wendy Haren: Thanks for the update guys..myself and my wee son are following april from N Ireland,…we stay up as late as possible but get too tired!….i am sure april will have her calf when she is good and ready….love to all.

Becki Adams Copi: I love her adorable baby bump! The morning and evening time with the caretakers has become a ritual with me and the goodnight wave just before lights go out just adds to the enjoyment!! They are so good with these magnificent creatures!! Thank you for letting us all be a part of this.

Paula Sweezey: I am a McDonald's manager and tonight one of my crew kids asked me how April and her calf are, needless to say I was surprised that he asked, and he was surprised that the calf was still not born. My staff have embraced my obsession.

Sandy Rose-Murphy: Thank you for the updates lately she is up more than down at night I pray for her and baby to be to soon get some well needed rest snuggling together. April is being such a great mommy to be! Your team is excellent in keeping us informed as well been watching her for as long as your cam has been up I'm so excited my daughter who is autistic will sit and watch with me April and Oliver has made it a treat I actually get hugs and good questions from her!! Thank you all for helping my daughter come out of her shell!

Aaron-Kristi Young: I'm a teacher and it won't let me post a picture on here but my class just finished our zoo unit. We have had April streaming on the overhead in the background omfor over a week. The kids are so excited watching and waiting to see if there will be two giraffes some day when they come to school. We have used this opportunity to make charts and graphs and talk about presictions. Some of our kids may never visit the zoo so this has really been a blessing.

Donna LeVasseur: This pregnancy is way more important than Beyonce ,not because an animal is pregnant but it's a learning experience. The entertainment news think Beyonce pregnancy is so special when honestly lots of ppl have twins everyday but not many ppl can witness this kind of pregnancy everyday and we learn things about it too Thanks AAP again.

Cindy Wallach Jablonski: Thank you American Adventure for letting us into your zoo family, we are so excited for the birth of this little giraffe, April and Oliver we watch both of you day and night. Also a big thank you to the zookeepers what an amazing job they do, love seeing April's big tongue when they feed her lettuce, also love the wave goodnight.

Joelle Harbert: Like everyone else here I have been glued to my computer for over a week now. I even take my laptop to bed with me and leave the live feed up all night long. Lol. It's crazy how so many have become so dedicated to "keeping an eye" on April. I have even learned her normal behavior like many others. This is why I'm such a animal lover…not long ago alot of the world was feuding over the presidential election and just a short time later thousands if not millions of people are coming together & supporting this wonderful creature!

God bless you April & Baby…can't wait to see your squishy little face.

Kris Miller Davis: You have brought this country together actually the world together for a beautiful reason. I've never known of anything that so many people would come together and talk about and become friends over. Thank you for that.

Karen Sawyer Strenkert We go to Trivia  Lippy's Sports Bar & Restaurant every Thursday night. You are not allowed to have phones or any other electronics out to avoid anyone cheating! I didn't want to miss the 8:00 interactions with Alyssa so I watched on my phone & one of the other teams yelled out we were cheating. I turned my phone around and said I was watching April then several of the girls from other teams rushed over to check it out too!!! I had to keep my phone turned so they could see I was still watching April and not on Google! Everyone loves April.

P.a. LaBrake: The interaction with April and the Vet cracks me up. I still wonder why he doesn't bring in someone with him with a bucket of treats to keep her occupied so he has a better chance of feeling her belly/teats etc? Makes me nervous because more than once I thought he was going to get kicked.

Beth Thomson: 2.10am on Sunday 5th March here in Scotland. Just watched Alyssa and April interacting – what an amazing bond of trust between them. To be able to examine April so closely shows how gifted Alyssa is. So beautiful to watch, we are privileged, thank you everyone at AAP.

Day 20

All Is Well! We did experience some glitches last night, both on the video feed and the facebook page, but we believe those have been resolved. Our apologies on the cam being down for some time and the Evening Update that was drafted, but did not post.

We encourage our followers not to email us when the feed goes offline – trust us – we know – we are watching too! The mailbox must now be purged due to volume – loosing many educational emails from schools – that we do try to respond to!

April continues to be a very much pregnant giraffe! She was reported as being a little "spooky" last evening, which was likely due to the many intense baby kicks observed by keepers. Wax caps are still present though, back left teat appears to be shedding. Appetite remains strong. Comparative video and photos from one week ago provide significant growth visuals.

We hope today to be our last of winter! Morning temperatures are in the single digits with snow and ice still on the ground. The coming week looks much more promising. The Mirabito Energy Products Giraffe Barn does stay nice and warm – maintaining a constant 60-62 degrees at giraffe chest level. We thank Mirabito for their sponsorship to keep our giraffes and budget comfortable!

What many are calling an omen of the impending birth; the face and neck of a young giraffe appeared in the bedding this afternoon. Pretty neat if you ask us!

April was reportedly on edge this afternoon during veterinary examination. This evening, keeper report suggests a bit more calm now.

There is a significant amount of belly movement and tail raising. Appetite is notably strong also.

All around, we are all happy with her progress and continued condition. Of course, we are also ready for the next phase in this journey – but truly enjoying the moment.

Thank you for your continued support.

Supporters react:

Jacqueline Wells: This has probably been asked so forgive a repeat. When is Oliver's pen cleaned? I catch April's when I scroll through the vid, but not his.

Animal Adventure Park: He is spot cleaned as needed and then usually a full clean out every 2-3 days depending on need.

Kathryn K. Mitchell: Hostage negotiations continue today as April the Giraffe vows to not release her little hostage until her demands are met. During a press release this morning, she said her demands are simple. All she requests is for Oliver to be shipped far, far away from her since he caused all this drama in the first place, she would also like for Mother Nature to warm things up so she can wander outside away from the ever present camera, and lastly she would like an all expenses paid month long spa vacation once this hostage situation has come to an end. If her demands are not met, there is no telling how long she will continue to hold out on the release of the hostage. Thank you AAP for allowing us to share this exciting time with you.

Heather A Thompson: I agree there is no need for people to email you because the feed is down because as you have said many of times you guys are all watching the live feed as well..people should be happy that you are letting us watch with you.. keep up the great care and love you give to each one of your animals.

Suzanne Tompkins: This is their animal, not yours. They don't have to share her with anyone that doesn't pay to come to the park and see her. I have never seen any of the staff be rude to anyone. They are amazing, and I thank them for sharing this wonderful experience. They sure as heck don't have to do it, and they don't owe anything to any of us. The extra hours every day that they spend sharing information with us, taking care of email, sitting for a question-and-answer chats at night, etc are very much appreciated by some of us and I value the time they are giving us. They deserve some time for their families as well. The feeling of entitlement in this country has gotten out of hand.

Amanda Schlegel: I really wish people would stop clogging your mailbox and acting like you have no clue what you're doing. Unfortunately the people who need to read that: won't. It's the world revolving around them instead of considering that their email is time away from care of animals, or responding to a school trying to arrange an educational thing for students, or even 5 minutes of sanity for you guys…. QUIT ACTING LIKE DR GOOGLE AND YOU KNOW MORE THAN THESE PEOPLE! Geez guys- technology fails- get over it…. April is no doubt- safe, happy, and healthy. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy watching them… I've learned so much about their personalities simply by enjoying their every day behaviors. If the feed goes down I simply wait until it comes back, know they're trying to take care of a ton of animals, prepare the park to open, and likely working on the issue. It's a privilege to be able to have the Giraffe Cam- treat it that way.

Amy Rosebush: Hoping for a baby today as it would of been my brother Jared's 38th birthday. He had Down's syndrome and past away 2 & a half years ago from complications from a knee surgery. Sure would be special for the new baby & Jared to share this special day.

Tara Werner: I'm sorry that you are continuously inundated with unnecessary emails from the public. Maybe those of us who watch the feed a lot can post comments to remind people that it is not needed. You are doing an excellent job caring for them and your work should be respected.

Loreen Wilson: Animal Adventure Park, please forgive us for our repetitive questions, our seemingly professional vet like knowledge, and our overwhelming amount of email and phone calls.

We are people.

People are stupid.

That's why we prefer to watch animals instead.

Your beautiful April and Oliver are far more interesting than most people.  🙂

Thank you for putting up with us and now back to that live feed.

Michelle Chadwick Palmer: I feel a dr Seuss book coming on. She does not want to go outside. She does not want to take a ride. She is happy in her pen. With food and water now and then. She is not bored. Or in distress. Please go read, but I digress…

She is not hot. She is not cold. She's not too young. And not too old. She is not bored. Or in great pain. Some comments here are just insane.

This is real. It's not a loop. That in the corner is a brand new poop. If you doubt this feed is live, don't stay here. We'll all survive.

Mindy Amirault-Schrader: Is April really at fat camp?? lol I'm loving all the updates and watching her everyday. I got my first data warning the other day, but she is worth every bit. April has instilled a love of giraffes within my heart that I never knew existed. I've been hounding everybody to buy me all things giraffes. April is so precious and I'm hoping we get to continue to watch her even after all this is over. April is a huge star now! you'll have to hold back all the paparazzi when you open for the season. she'll have to dress up in a disguise lol . Love you guys and all that you do. you're amazing people and lots of love coming from Canada!

Pam Perini: When the feed went off last night coupled with no evening update it was definitely worrisome. But if people had just taken a minute to think before emailing they would have come to a few logical conclusions. 1. Technical issues. 2. The same people who got the feed stopped awhile ago had again interfered. Or 3. Worst case-something had gone wrong with April. If the last was the case I'd want all hands on deck dealing with the giraffes. If it was either of the first two our only recourse is/was to wait for the fix. I get this-I've been glued to the screen, too! But let's just relax and enjoy this privilege that's been given to us.

Laureli Anne: It's 9.30pm here in Australia and I'm very grateful for the daily updates! Can you please give April, and Oliver, big hugs all the way from down under, from me? Please.

Leila Miller: I live in Melbourne Australia so I feel like I am on the overnight team of viewers . It brought tears to my eyes when I saw the keeper come in and pat April, kiss April and then kiss her belly. Absolutely gorgeous. Well done keeper your the best.

Diana Gary Murphy: Thank you!! All of you are amazing!! People are just focused on one thing and forget that you have so many animals to care for. I'm extremely grateful for this wonderful opportunity to have met Oliver and April and to experience this miracle of childbirth… It's day 13 and I'm in for the long run!!! Have a wonderful day.

Bonnie Winans: Thank you so very much for the prompt update!!! Jordan Patch: Someone suggested this as a name last night for the new baby —-PATCHES!!! I love this name, I sure hope you'll consider it!!! I'm so happy to learn Mirabito's Sponsors the barn!!! My hubby works for them and they are awesome.

Rebecca J Stout: Once again thank you so much for these updates. I wasn't upset last night. Those things just happen. Remember the Super Bowl a few years back that had to be delayed a bit because the lights went out. The service you are providing has meant so much to me personally. I have fallen in love will April and Oliver. They offer so much relief to the worries many of us have.

Ricarda Jenkins: I have to say I never thought that I would so attached to a live cam like this . The first thing in the morning and the last thing at night I make sure to see how April is doing ! Last night I was a little worried but I knew it's going to be OK ! I love seeing Alyssa interaction with April and how April allows her to rub her on her belly ( it makes my heart jump ) . I also have to say, watching April gives me inner peace with all the bad things happening around the world . I also hope April will have her calf soon because to me it looks like she's getting a little uncomfortable ! Love, what you guys are doing.

Sherry Cole Maye: Good morning Animal Adventure Park and evey one else watching the cam this morning! I caught April sticking her tongue out at us this morning right in the cam! LOL! I screen shot that section and made it my profile picture for the day because I can't share to all of you… We all love April and Oliver and are excited for the birth of the baby giraffe! Great job to all the zoo members, you are all much appreciated for sharing everything going on at your zoo. All of your new animal births are exciting! Much love.

Amy Boyce: So many people have "adopted" April and baby into their hearts…a sentiment reflected in the emails and concerns, even though overwhelming. Thank you for the updates which keep us in the loop! You are taking wonderful care of this giraffe family and I hope everyone appreciates being allowed to watch all of this occur! I have not visited your park yet but I am certain I will do so this spring! Thank you for all you are doing and for your love of all the creatures under your care.

Coral Cannon: I did have someone ask me "Why do you watch this???" Silly question…it's not war….it's not about racism, it's not about bathrooms, protests, who hates who the most, etc…it shows Love and peace and kindness and helping others and devoting your time to precious animals who need us. Well, them, they keepers etc. No one got shot, no looting, …I am so sick of all of the real world right now………so I will just watch this precious sweet giraffe and all the people, share in their joy and just be whisked away in a land of "ahhhhhh"…I am very happy in this place…Animal Adventure Park….Thank you AAP for what you do and for allowing us to share with you…

Pamela Canale: I fall asleep every night watching her … she brings me a sense of peace that is desperately needed right now. Thanks so much for sharing her journey to motherhood with us.

Becky Rice: April has gotten me through some really bad days. I'm disabled and can't do much. She has been so much fun to watch. Thank you for sharing these beautiful Giraffes with the world. If you take the feed down after the birth. I hope you can share other animals with us. I've learned so much.

Vickie Brown: Love the nightly routine of treats, tongue on the camera, and all the keeper kisses, especially for the baby and finally, the wave goodnight. Thank you for all the updates. I am sure I am not the only one who appreciates them. We are very excited here in Texas.

Kathy McDonnell: I wonder if Oliver senses something different about April. He's been so much more active, lots of pacing lately. My favorite moments are when they 'mirror' each other and stand like that for a while. Anybody else notice this? (perhaps I'm a bit obsessed.

Coral Cannon: I love, love love when Alyssa comes….I love to see her , April. in front of the camera. I just have a warm spot in my heart for Alyssa and the connection with April. April loves her too. I love the tummy kisses and the petting. I get tickled at the hay tossing. Silly girl!! And the sad part is knowing She'll wave goodbye, lights out and we are just all gonna watch and watch and wait. It's gonna break our hearts when it's off line for good. Please Tell Alyssa Thank you very for what she lets us watch. And thank the guys too. So many hugs from Lubbock, Texas. PS: Myself along with zillions wave back at the end of the evening.

Shelly Francis:  Goodnight! Love this! Thank you for allowing us to be a part of it! Allysa is amazing with, April. Allysa's mom did a great job raising her because you can tell what a kind, gentle, and loving person she is by how she treats these animals.

Carla Ball: Love her tonight-she made me LOL when April's Hay showers came as soon as Alyssa put the hay on the feeder. My dogs looked at me like WTH?? I said it was April and they laid back down. Wow wish you would have taken a pic of the calve face-I have wondered how they go from fetal position to the dive position in that small area…for a 6ft creature. Praying for all tonight.

Laura Smith: Every time Alyssa gives belly kisses I tear up. Such a precious and sweet time with a wild animal! Thank you once again for allowing us to have a glimpse. You all are wonderful and so loving, careful and wise. Also, we love you. Ohhh and that hay shower was really funny. April is quite a gal. Oliver seemed to like his treats too. God bless and sweet dreams, I'm sure y'all are tired with all the new babies and millions asking questions about the giraffes. Don't lose heart… Hugs and love.

Stephenie Halifax: I think it would be really cool if Alyssa could do a Facebook live from the pen with April. Or someone could do it while she is feeding and petting so we can see up close their bond and maybe a close up view of the wax caps and baby kicks ? As long as it wouldn't stress April. Animal Adventure Park.

Brenda Fosella: I watched this daily and have it on and check in now and then as being retired allows the time. I want to say "Thank-you" to The Owner and Workers at The Animal Adventure park for allowing us this great priviledge to be part of this beautiful story on a daily basis. I now have the great interest in Giraffe's and always the respect for them. Love the contact between April and the workers. The world needs more conpassion and love and this story has it all. Thank-you.

Ellen Richardson Sullivan: Thank you, AAP, for allowing us to witness this incredible miracle and ride along the journey. You have a top notch facility and what staff we see are exceptional! Alyssa's bond and interaction with April is my favorite part of the day/night. Alyssa is truly gifted in caring for animals and relating to them. I know this explosion of exposure has been great but also comes the crusaders and complainers. Please know that they are much fewer in number than those of us who love and adore AAP and are simply greatful to be allowed on this journey. I pray God's blessings on all of you, the animals and especially the zookeepers and that God blesses all of us with the miracle of yet another baby giraffe. May peace be with you and God's blessings be abundant.

Joanne Toby: Thank you from NC. So glad I am a native upstate New Yorker and can visit this summer. I love everything about this whole process, but I think my favorite part is the silence of the live feed. I think our world needs a little less noise.

Sue Morgan: Thank you AAP for your patience with all of us. We know that you are the experts and have loved these animals for far longer than the 3 weeks that we have! We love the care and attention you pay to all of your animals at the Park. I have loved reading the BIOS and looking at all the photos you have on this FB page. We have a similar set-up here in Christchurch New Zealand called Orana Park, but I think you have more petting animals. I love the interaction between April and her keepers. Jordan, you have created a fantastic place.

Dawn Wrubel:  Thanks for keeping the view crew up to date on april. It takes alot of work on your staffs end. But I can tell you their are so many people who are enjoying your efforts and appreciate you letting the world watch all the great things that your park and staff are doing. Thanks for sharing this awesome gift.

Marthana Appel Reece: I noticed the giraffe in the bedding as well! Maybe its a sign???!! LOL Thanks again for all the info you provide! It is nice to know what is going on with this special lady! I am definitely obsessed with watching her! Hello to all the keepers there…you are doing a fantastic job! I also love it when the girl kisses the baby! So precious.

Loreen Wilson: Funny story- just after 9 o'clock I posted " for those of you watching giraffe cam, it's showtime" as my status.

I watched the nightly lights out show then went back to my page to find my friends all confused. Lol

They thought I meant calf time! Lol

Sheesh! They must know I'd have more to say than just showtime.

Hahahahaha- total misunderstanding- but funny as heck to me.

Margaret Mayo: Alyssa and Corey and Dr. Tim and the team-your love for these magnificent animals is absolutely wonderful. Thank you for sharing this with the world! Alyssa and April-the hay shower was hysterical tonight!THANK YOU for adjusting the camera angle.

Jeanne Dimatteo: You guys are all doing a wonderful job! I know we may seem like a pain sometimes, but some of us are just holding on to some positive things in this crazy world. April is such a beautiful amazing animal. It is fascinating and heartwarming to go on this journey with you. Thank you for your time and consideration to those of us that these beautiful giraffes have touched.

Kerry West Pugh: Thank you Alyssa and Corey for waving to us and giving us the thumbs up… it's like you are making us all a part of this experience and bringing us all in with April and Oliver with you… you are truly amazing … thank you for your love of all animals … the way you all have personalized this… the ground tours and talking to us the whole way through… doing it yourself and not having it hired out is totally awesome and what makes it so great… so again thank you… God bless you all..

Carrie Rounsavall: Osborne I am a scuba diver on my way to becoming an instructor and am also an avid animal lover and advocate for all animals. I was skeptical about this at first, but as I have watched April over the last week, I have seen how much she is loved! I am also an RN and I see how well the couple is cared for medically. The most touching moment so far is Allyssa kissing Aprils belly last night and seeing what a bond they have. Keep up the great work! I wish all animals were treated with love and kindness.

Deb Foos: Thanks so much for all your work and allowing us to watch!!! But a very special shout out to Corey and Alyssa! Not only are they amazing to watch with April, but they bring us into the pen with them by interacting with us, as well. This has really been wonderful to watch. Thank you so much.


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