April and Taj the Giraffe Funny Story On Tuesday 5/23

1st Story
Taj: World, whether you see me, or hear me, or read about me, I want you to know I am glad you are learning about giraffes in the wild with me!
Summer: It is something humans do where the words you say are written down, and when humans look at the writing, they are reading.
Taj: What is reading?
Summer: They understand what you want to say, dear. They watch you, and read about you.
Taj: I want to talk to them but I don't have hands.
Summer: Willie! It is obvious you don't listen. Baby, some move their hands and arms to make signs that others can look at and understand. It is called sign language.
Willie: It is easy, just talk and talk, and never listen, you know what you said.
Taj: If their ears don't work, how do they talk?
Summer: To listen to music, you need to hear sounds, and to hear sounds, you need ears that work, and not everyone's do. Some can feel the vibrations made by the sounds.
Taj: Why can't they?
Summer: Not everyone can, and some don't want to.
Taj: Why not?
Summer: Not everyone does.
Taj: Does everyone listen to music?
Summer: Willie, it is not all about you!
Willie: Do-re-mi, … Me, a name I call myself. It is all about me.
Summer: Sometimes they seem nice, sometimes they seem just like noise. Everyone has different tastes in music.
Willie: The hills are alive with the sound of music…
Taj: Are the sounds of music nice ones?
Summer: No, but birds and humans can.
Taj:: Can all animals sing?
Summer: No, although some music includes a form of talking, it is called singing. The music is called a song.
Taj:: Is talking music?
Summer: Taj, music is something you listen to, sounds that occur near each other.
Taj: Mama, what is music?

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                                                                            Baby Taj The Giraffe

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2nd Story

Baby G: Mama, what is a circus?
Summer: Baby G, it is kind of like a traveling zoo, where animals and humans perform in shows.
Willie: I have always wanted to run away and join a circus.
Baby G: How is it different from a park like ours?
Summer: Big zoos and animal parks tend to keep the animals in more natural, larger enclosures that resemble habitats in the wild. The animals are rarely moved. Circus animals are kept in cages or chained. They are transported in train box cars around the country.
Baby G: What kinds of animals are in circuses?
Summer: The most common are lions, tigers, elephants, horses, birds, and bears.
Willie: Put me in a circus, but the ringmaster will have to yell for me, I can "bearly" talk, I am "horse" from a cold I got just "lion" here.
Baby G: Are there giraffes in circuses?
Summer: A few.
Baby G: Do circus animals like being in the circus?
Summer: Some do, some don't. But animal activists don't want any animals to be in circuses. They are one of the reasons the "Greatest Show On Earth", the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus just shut down after almost 150 years.
Willie: I am the star of the Greatest Giraffe Show On Earth. Animal activists should demand I get more carrots.
Summer: Willie! You are only the greatest in your own mind.
Baby G: What are animal activists?
Summer: They are people who don't want any animal to be in captivity. They mean well, but many don't understand captive animals wouldn't know how to live in the wild, and would die if released.
Baby G: Don't release us, we are safe here!
Summer: They also don't understand captive animals like us educate humans about animals in the wild. Many humans will never see animals in the wild.
Baby G: Why not?
Summer: It takes time and a lot of money to travel from human homes to the wild, many humans don't have money to spare.
Baby G: Where are the circus animals going now that their circus is gone?
Summer: Some are going to other circuses around the world, some to zoos, some to an animal sanctuary, and some to a park like ours.
Baby G: I hope they find nice homes, but don't send any lions or tigers or bears here!

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