Hurricane Maria Death Toll Update: Jumps Up to 34 people

The death toll in Puerto Rico from Hurricane Maria has risen to 34, Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rossello announced Tuesday evening.

Prior to Tuesday, the number of storm-related deaths on the island stood at 16.

Much of the 3 million American citizens who live on the island are still without water, electricity and cell service after Maria struck as a powerful Category 4 storm on Sept. 20, devastating the island and its structures.

President Trump handed out flashlights to Puerto Ricans, joking "you don't need them anymore." 
94% of the island is without power, 13 days after Hurricane Maria made landfall. Some residents may not have power restored for up to a year. 

Vieewers react:

Charlene Lugo Morant What damaged areas?… did he go to Utuado, Yabucoa, toa alta toa baja. Aguadilla?..nooooooo of course not they only took him to places that are just a little damaged. Are you serious?

Mari Rosario That's very compassionate and showing empathy with affected ones. He has no clue of what feelings are, always showing that he have no respect for any human being. KARMA PLEASE TAKE CARE OF HIM BEFORE IS TOO LATE.

Taty Stevens Oh this made me cry for my family in Villalba. I am ashamed that the governor of PR sat idley by 45 and said nothing while he told the people of Puerto Rico that we threw his budget off, that it wasn't as bad as Katrina and then tops it all off by throwing paper towels at people like we are some third world country. My heart aches!

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