Hope and Nora Bear at Utahs Hogle Zoo Update and Video

Hope and Nora Bear at Utahs Hogle Zoo 

Here’s another little early Christmas present for you! Hope and Nora had a great time in our wintry snowfall yesterday! (Thanks, Rebekah, for the vid!)
We hope you’re with loved ones as we head into Christmas

Hope and Nora fans!! Feast your eyes on this!

Hello friends! Following many weeks of introductions, both bears keeping a wary eye on one another, figuring out the nuances of each, checking out their surroundings and so forth – we are pleased to share with you this wonderful video taken yesterday of Hope and Nora playing together. Please enjoy – and Happy Holidays!

Another video of Hope and Nora playing:

Fans reacted to Hope and Nora Bear at Utahs Hogle Zoo 

Timmura Johnson Christmas came early! We in Columbus love Nora fiercely! It was always such a treat to watch her dive, catch fish and be a total ham for all the visitors. But it truly warms my heart even more to see her so playful with her Aunt Hope! Thank you for sharing! 

Lori Maness I thought polar bears were solitary. Was I taught wrong?

Lisa Searles You guys just made this Oregon girls day!!! Thank you so much for posting this video. This is,so exciting.

Kathy Ragsdale This video literally made me cry I'm so happy for Nora. She and Hope have a lifelong friendship happening. As a docent at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, I got to be on Team Nora. This is so wonderful. Thank you!

Lana Lowary Thank you for posting this. I was literally crying as I watched. I am a docent in Columbus and was proud to be a part of Team Nora!! Love this girl!

Elisa Harless All zoos should have more than 1 animal of each kind they are happier and live longer it seems

Cheyenne Miller Is there any chance that y'all are gonna get pandas? Not red pandas but good old fashioned black and white pandas.

Susan Stutz This is the best Christmas present ever!!!!! I loved Nora and visited her when she was here in Oregon. She played and had fun, but also sat and seemed quite sad. This is simply the best thing ever to see. Thank you Hope for your kindness and for the Hogle Zoo and all of these friends past caretakers – this is super!

Mary Richardson Portland misses Nora but it is so wonderful to see her happy and playing with Hope. Above all we want her to have the best life possible.

Pearlie Stevens Nora playing with Hope so happy to see she’s being a polar bear. We miss her in Columbus, Amelia Gray was out last night The Wildlights at Columbus Zoo. She was laying on the rocks, she a Beauty.

Shelly Marie So excited for Hope and Nora and for Utah's Hogle Zoo! We know how much work you put in to make this happen. The naysayers had doubt but I believed in you all the way.

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