Honoring the Las Vesga Victims

Honoring the Las Vesga Victims

Police try to piece together information about the assailant in the Las Vegas massacre as authorities scoured the suspected shooter’s home for clues.

Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman held a vigil on steps of City Hall with faith and city leader in honor of the victims of the deadly shooting.
"The act and insanity of a madman shall not define us or keep us from living whole and meaningful lives with pride in our shared humanity," Goodman said in a statement Monday. "Our prayers for everyone and a huge thank you to our great law enforcement and first responders."
Goodman thanked the first responders and bystanders who rushed into action to help save lives. She said the city had a broken heart, but will not be “tarnished by this one sick, horrible human being.”

People held hands in prayer while hiding inside the Sands Corporation plane hangar after a mass shooting, in which dozens were killed at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas on Sunday.

Las Vegas Victims

Several Las Vegas hotel operators have offered free stays at their properties for victims of the Mandalay Bay mass shooting and their family members.

School administrators, nurses, veterans and local business owners were among the those killed in the horrific attack, according to records compiled by ABC News. ABC has confirmed the following 17 victims of the attack: Heather Alvarado, Denise Burditus, Carrie Barnette, Baily Schweitzer, Dorene Anderson, Neysa Tonks, Jennifer Parks, Chris Roybal, Hannah Ahlers, Jordan McIldoon, Angela Gomez, Lisa Romero, Rachel Parker, Susan Smith, Sonny Melton, Dana Gardner, Sandy Casey.

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Amsler Brown Does anyone else find it bizarre that the FBI quickly cleared that shooter of ISIS ties after just 12 hours claiming no evidence, and yet the FBI has not cleared President Trump of Russian collusion after 9 months despite having NO evidence?

Ginnie Fisher So good to see them praying and hope it continues. May this tragedy awaken more people to how short life can be…and where will they spend eternity.

Randy Winton Why does Fox always have a liar from the left. Can't you find an honest spokesperson from the left? Adrian Elrod's cock-and-bull story about her relatives in Arkansas saying the only reason to have a semi automatic rifle is to kill people is outrageous. The problem is, people who grew up in places like NY and Massachusetts are going to believe that krap. Please find some honest people to put on your shows—they would be much more interesting and I wouldn't have to wear out my mute button

Shawn D Simoneaux Most of these political comments are disgusting and absoulty heartless. The cultural problems and mental illnesses that's infected our country is showing itself right here and now. You are what's wrong with our society and the downfall of our country's values.

Lisa Murad A window has opened. Time to fly through it. 2nd Amendment stalwarts have a golden opportunity to do what's right and pass common sense gun safety against military style weapon ownership. 
Why any person needs 40+ firearms stockpiled in their home and devices that turn semi-automatics into massacre machines is beyond absurd. No one needs this kind of firepower except our trained armed forces in battle.

His arsenal didn't save the murderer or protect him in the end. In fact, the miserable man took his own life with his own weapon. It wasn't a good guy with a gun that took out a bad guy with a gun. And now 50+ families will be burying their loved ones for simply attending an outdoor concert with friends. Call your Congress people and Senators now and demand life over death by slaughter. 

Louisa Pagliaroli Rotundo Devestating events is the only way they portray people coming together from their hearts. This is what no boundaries mean for whomever you are.

Steven Ammer Praying!!! No way. I thought liberals despised religion and praying. I hope these unfortunate people aren't accosted by some anti-religion nut.

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