Fiona and Bibi Update: They don’t come any tougher than Fiona.

Hippo Fiona Video

When your Mom is the size of a Mack truck you should probably give her the right of way! Don't worry hippos are made to be tough and they don't come any tougher than Fiona.


Fiona the Hippo Is Best Part Of 2017


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Supporters reacted to Hippo Fiona Video

Aissatou Sunjata Fiona, be careful, Bibi is no joke at high speed. She probably just remembered she left dinner on the stove. Hope you are okay

Imelda Rouse Fiona handlers have conditioned her to gentle handling. Bibi is a hippo. She acts as a hippo would. We have to stop humanising both of them. This would be a natural thing to do in the wild. love Hippo Fiona Video

Jena Gaines That's a mom who really could knock her kid into next week. Looks like Fiona just learned that lesson.

Cindy Babcock Knew the day would come for missy Fiona the pestered like a human child. Lol!! Bibi put her in her place!! Mom showed her little toddler… hippo of mine when I say move out of the way I mean it! I am the BIG star to you Fiona is safe as can be with Bibi. Love them

Julie Dispain That was a little scary! Momma is so big and Fiona is still little.Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden is Fiona ok after being "knocked down"? I know just like kids they get knocked down and then they get back up and do it all over again.

Kristina Pratt Being Overly Protective , Fiona is ,alright ? comment earlier Fiona seemed a little stunned . Hope someone noticed that . I did too.

Patsy Trubow Hollister Lesson learned, Little Missy. Stand respectfully to the side so your elders can pass. I know some young humans who need to learn this lesson, too!

Deb Hensley Mason we witnessed Bibi bulldozing over Fiona last Sunday. Even though they may be built tough it is a scary sight to witness

Ella Cassity Fiona, Mack trucks do not stop on a dime so you better learn to move a little faster out of the way when BiBi is going!

Suzanne Lee Poor Fiona..she still looks so tiny! Doesn’t look like she has grown much or it could be her mother is so much bigger than her!

Marti Thorndike Gosh,Bibi really rammed Fiona,hope this little girl was not hurt…she is tough..but Momma weighs so much more.

Kimberly Pace Poor bay bay Fiona’s looked at her mama like really I seen stars and people was taking pics and videos and u just ruined it.

Samantha Lawrence Looks like Bibi is teaching Fiona some tough love. As in move it or lose it out of my way momma’s coming through.

Neletha Fuemmeler I am still having trouble with the realization that baby is now 600 lbs! LOL! She still looks tiny!! Go Fiona !

Mary Kilroy Barton Sure wish the enclosure their in was larger then it is. Nothing we build for them can EVER compare to the TRUE OUTDOORS

Lily Lottes Looks like Fiona is having a blast (she appears to be LOL). Love how Bibi kicks up her back feet like Fiona.

Melissa Rose Bibi was doing that to her when we were there and I wondered if it hurt Fiona. Glad to hear she doesn't get hurt!

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