Happy New Year with Fiona and Bibi the Hippo

Hippo Fiona Updates

Happy New Year with Fiona and Bibi the Hippo

hippo fiona updates

Hippo Fiona  and Bibi


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Fiona the Hippo is the Best Part of 2017

Supporters reacted:

Doreen Warner Happy New Year, Care Team! Thank you for taking such great care of Fiona and Bibi….. And, Thank You for the Care you gave Our Henry! God Bless! 

Gaynor Roberts Oh Fiona thank you so much (and your Mum and your late Dad) for making our 2017 sooooooo special! I am honoured to follow you!

Janet Crowley Can picture you guys tossing greens like confetti in celebration of the New Year. Wishing you all and the animals a Healthy, Thriving New Year.

Nickie Darrin She looks so big until you take a picture with her momma beside her then you realize she's not that big lol happy New Year Fiona and Bibi

Cindy Bowman May this new year be a blessing for all of the staff who care for these animals at the Cincinnati Zoo. We have grown quite fond of them.

Dory Miller Is there an indoor pool where they can go when it is too cold outside? Put up my Fiona calendar today.

Renee Jones Just Perfect! I was able to go pet a Hippo today at the Los Angeles Zoo. I wish it would have been little Fiona though.

Kathy Griesinger Wishing a Happy Healthy and Hipp-y New Year to Fiona, Bibi All the Animals AND the Wonderful Caretakers at our Zoo!. 
You are All Awesome ! 

Laura Donaldson Happy New Year, Fiona, Bibi and all their caretakers and keepers!! Let's hope 2018 is as great a hippo year as 2017

Mary Lib Fitch Happy New Year Y’All! Have loved watching Fiona grow in 2017 and know they miss Henry!!! I thank the team for all they do!!

Jeannie Dyke Yes you did!! Bibi your antics in the water always made me smile but my favorite picture is the one where you and a child are head to head through the glass. Sweet.

Ailsa Thomas Wish I could visit in person to say Hi, Happy New Year, to you and the animals; I thank you for sharing with us

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Fiona the Hippo Ramp and Showing Her Mischevious Smile

Miss Fiona the Hippo Got in on the Pumpkin Fun

Fiona the Hippo Getting Halloween Treat With Mom

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