Hippo Fiona Got Her First Taste of Snow Cincinnati Zoo

Hippo Fiona Got Her First Taste of Snow

Although Fiona wasn’t too keen to play with it, Bibi had some fun!


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Fiona’s never shied away from the cameras.

 fiona legging

Supporters reacted:

Mia Kuczynski Chaputa So that’s where Fiona gets her sassy from. Bibi is so cute playing with the snow. Maybe next time baby Fiona. 

Marley Coltrain Omg No love you guys you think of everything to do for all those wonderful creatures and look at Bibi BLESS HER HIPPO HEART SHES PLAYING IN SNOW LMBO I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! MADE MY ENTIRE DAY! TOOOOOOOOO CUTE!

Pamela Vandiver Stanford LOL Fiona’s like ugh mom that stuff is cold. Nope Nope Nope. I’m a summer girl. LOL

Aillsa Boykin It's no wonder Fiona is a showstopper!!! He got it from her momma!

Jennifer Lemar Whitley I am in LOVE with Hippos!! Thank you Fiona and Bibi for opening your world to us!!

Anne Davis Vickery You would think the snow would feel good on her gums?! Bibi looks so happy!

Julie Dispain Their skin looks so oily and dark. Is it because of the weather changing ? Or have they always looked like that. They look so cute !

Laurie Howard "Hello my adoring fans, here's my good side. Oh wait my other side is just as pretty. I'm, oh so pretty."

Kym Harris Face it…the only reason she doesn't have a camera pointed at us is because she doesn't have thumbs!!! Good morning princess!

Theresa M Dayton Fiona's early arrival into the world is a blessing. It gives us something funny & joyful to read & watch in a time of so much negativity.

Sharon K Fugate Fiona, Bibbi-I was at Animal Kingdom at Disney World over Christmas. While viewing the hippos on Kilimanjaro Safari and on Gorilla Falls Trail I said hello from you ladies. If I remember correctly Bibbi, you were born there.

Melanie Miller Awww. Lol big girl wants them to come over..she had an has such great caregivers! She relates to all humans….just lov this big girl! Look at them eyes!!!

Boni Harrington Trombetta I see her friends, the Tilapia, are still there. When we visited in September they told us the fish would be moved! Perhaps they ended up being more valuable in her environment?


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