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FionaFix Hippos are very noisy animals! Some hippo vocalizations have been measured at 115 decibels, that's like being next to the speakers at a rock concert!

	hippo fiona cincinnati zooHippo fiona cincinnati zoo


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Fiona the Hippo is the Best Part of 2017

Fiona the hippo is the only reason 2017 didn't completely suck


Baby Hippo Fiona is 6 Months Old – Cincinnati Zoo

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Supporters reacted:

Beth Ann Newton Scene: Lunch, Monday, after a rough morning.
Me: You know what I need? 
Husband: What?
Me: Fiona!
And then I looked online AND THERE SHE WAS! THANK YOU!!!
Fiona makes any day better!

Lori Chenoweth Love learning about the animals at the Cincinnati Zoo…of course it goes without saying Miss Fiona is my favorite..#FionaFix

Josh Dimmack I got to see/hear Henry bellow this summer. It was loud like a plane engine or a fog horn, and there were huge sound waves that went through the water in the tank. So cool to see.

Rennekamp Joe The song "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas" was written in 1950 by John Rox and became a nationwide hit in 1953 when ten-year-old Oklahoma native Gayla Peevey sang the song as a way to raise money for the Oklahoma City Zoo's first hippopotamus. In December of that year the city received Matilda the hippo for Christmas.

Carla Boatman Eng When we did our back stage pass with the hippos Henry was so loud my grand daughter plugged her ears. Then he proceeded to do his twirl with his dun! Pretty funny we went running!

Kathy Wynne Rossell Aw so cute! Fiona has a lot to say! I love to see that mouth open wide! She makes me smile every time I see her photo! Love our sweet Fiona

Rennekamp Joe Is Fiona vocalizing yet? The last time this was mentioned, Bibi was making "contact calls" but Fiona was still squeeking out baby sounds.

Rennekamp Joe Just went on Amazon and ordered Fiona playing cards and a book. Free ground shipping in time for Christmas, and it benefits the Zoo.

Denise Cobb Brauner Oh, please. My Moluccan cockatoo is like being at the southbound end of a northbound 747! 115 decibels? That's him getting warmed up.

June Carraway I have a question about their size and I am very serious, not trying to be funny. How do they become so enormous considering their rather simple diets?

Rennekamp Joe So Cincinnati is not the first city to go "Hippo Crazy" – I wonder if Matilda was nearly as cute as our Fiona?

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